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File Size: 14.44 MB ZPlayer is a Java-based music player that enables you to enjoy listening to your favorite songs, featuring a user-friendly interface that looks just like a beatbox. The speaker vibrates to match the bass intensity, so you can really feel the beat. Support for various audio files It comes with native support for a generous range of audio formats more or less popular, such as MP2, MP3, WAV, Vorbis Ogg, FLAC, Dolby AC3, MID, CDA, MOD files (namely S3M, MTM, IT, XM, UMX, MO3).

Input files can be easily loaded in the playlist, which displays the song name, alongside its duration, creation date and size. Additional options enable you to repeat a specific track or even the entire list of songs.

The player comes with basic playback control options, enabling you to pause, play or stop the current track, jump to the next or the previous one and use the progress bar to navigate throughout the song.

Volume control, equalizer, filters and bass redirection Volume control is not just a simple bar to adjust: ZPlayer features independent channel volume adjustment and redirection, as well as automatic and manual amplification control to adapt the sound to the room layout.

Aiming to provide the best playback quality, ZPlayer comes with an integrated 16-bands equalizer, additional anti-aliasing and interpolation filters, automatic matrix conversion and bass redirection effects, as well as customizable resolution, channel mode and sample rate, buffer length and FPS rate.

Extend its feature set using plugins With ZPlayer you can listen to music and adjust its settings to obtain optimized audio quality. The integrated equalizer, together with the customizable playback options make it more than a simple player where you load a song and press ‘Play’.

Thanks to its plugin support (it is also compatible with Winamp plugins), its default functionality can be enhanced and the range of compatible input formats can be easily extended.

Some of the features: Native support for MPEG files Layer I, II and III (MP2, MP3), PCM Wave (WAV), Vorbis Ogg, Flac, MOD files (S3M, MTM, IT, XM, UMX, MO3), Dolby AC3, MID (with SF2 SoundBank support) and CDA;

Support for Winamp2 plugins (only for Windows and Java of 32bits);

Support to extended audio format (24/32bit / 7.1ch / 96Khz), in Windows with JNI DirectSound implementation, and Linux with JNI ALSA implementation;

16-bands equalizer;

Sound effects such as bass redirect and wide stereo;

Automatic matrix conversion between channels: Mono, Stereo, 4.0, 5.0, 5.1 and 7.1;

Anti-aliasing and interpolation in sound resampling to provide the best quality possible;

Independent volume channels with redirect between them;

Support for multiple languages;

Support for skin and plugin development to support new audio formats;

An innovative skin, where the speaker vibrates according to the bass intensity.

Whats New:

Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version.

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