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File Size: 41.05 MB Zotero is an intuitive and user-friendly piece of software whose main function is to assist you in creating, adding and managing citations or other references that you may use in your research studies. Functional interface

Following an uneventful installation process, you can begin working with the application right away, as it does not require any special training or knowledge with similar tools. It features a straight-forward interface, with three panels, the first comprising ‘My Library’, the second listing the reference ‘Titles’ while the third features ‘Info’ about a selected entry, such as ‘Item Type’, ‘Author’, ‘URL’ and others. Here, you can also add ‘Notes’, ‘Tags’ or connect ‘Related’ items between themselves. Collect references by creating them yourself or by importing them

‘My Library’, you can create a ‘New Group’ or a ‘New Collection’ enabling you to thoroughly organize all your references into functional categories, so you can quickly locate them when you need to use them. In order to add a ‘New Item’, you first need to select its corresponding type the dedicated submenu, with options ranging between ‘Book’, ‘Document’, ‘Journal Article’, ‘Artwork’, ‘Blog Post’, to ‘Email’, ‘Map’, ‘Film’, ‘Manuscript’, ‘Podcast’, ‘Report’, ‘Thesis’, ‘Interview’ and many others. It will automatically be listed in the middle panel, allowing you to complete its ‘Info’ details. Subsequently, you can add the ‘Title’, ‘Author’, ‘Publisher’, ‘Date’, ‘Language’, ‘Short Title’, ‘URL’, ‘Archive’, ‘Library Catalog’, ‘Call Number’, ‘Rights’, ‘Date Added’, and several other details. The ‘Notes’ you add can be personal thoughts, opinions, links, or anything else that is relevant for that entry. By entering ‘Tags’, you can locate the reference more easily. At the same time, you also have the option to ‘Import’ citations a wide range of file formats, such as XML, RIS, BIB, HTML, JSON, EDU, TXT, RDF and many others. Similarly, your library can be exported to countless formats, so you can use it with other apps unrestricted. Efficient reference manager

All in all, Zotero is a comprehensive and efficient utility which can successfully assist you in fully managing your research sources, enabling you to keep track of all the books, articles or any other type of information you have used

Whats New: Support plugin installation in LibreOffice 6 Fixed rich-text formatting in citations in LibreOffice (since 5.0.26) Functionality changed or added: The Word for Windows plugin is now digitally signed. This allows the plugin to be used at institutions that restrict the use of Office macros to known publishers. Automatically rename dragged file attachments parent metadata Allow “now” in Accessed field to enter current time Added “Publication” to top level of condition drop-down in Advanced Search window Bugs fixed: Deleting a tag the tag selector caused the tag to be deleted all libraries Undo in notes could restore changes another note Fixed inconsistent search results word processor plugin in larger databases Fixed issue where items list could disappear until restart when switching collections When clicking away a changed field in the item pane, the newly clicked field would immediately When editing a field on a newly created parent item, the opened field would on auto-sync “Unsupported predicate ‘dc:isReplacedBy’” sync error

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