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File Size: 12.68 MB Since you’re browsing this page right now, chances are you’re probably familiar with the plethora of content you can find on the Internet and understand how many times advertisements can get in the way. /However, there are several software solutions that can help you get rid of them by simply blocking them. Despite its highly suggestive name, YourPorn is one of the that can help you do just that. Blocks ads system-wide Unlike other ad-restricting , which must often be implemented in a certain Internet browser, this program is actually a standalone one that requires no host app. Therefore, it can help you prevent advertisements ever spawning on your entire computer, no matter what Internet browser you might be using. This can be very useful since ads don’t appear exclusively in browsers, but in games and other as well. Simplistic interface Visually-wise, YourPorn isn’t exactly breath-taking, but given its purposes, this detail can be easily overlooked. However, it packs a bunch of simple functions that even the most inexperienced user can operate its controls without breaking a sweat. To be more specific, there’s a large button on the main screen that you can flip in order to enable or disable the ad-blocking feature. The app can be set to auto start upon Windows boot, auto-update and apply an HTTPS filter by using the three-line button in the top-right corner of the screen. Handy system-wide ad-blocker All in all, if you’ve had enough of browser-specific ad-blockers, you might want to consider giving YourPorn a shot. It’s easy to install, packs a simple interface with even simpler functions and can prevent ads spawning on your screen at the flip of a button.

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