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File Size : 3.2 Mb WizTree is a disk space analyzer. It scans your entire hard drive and shows you which files and folders are using the most disk space. It does this VERY QUICKLY. Use the information WizTree provides to quickly locate and remove “space hogs” your hard drive. Features:

Finds the files and folders using the most space on your hard drive Work VERY Fast We think it’s the fastest application of this type in the world Finds the top 1000 largest files on your hard drive Sort the contents of your entire hard drive by folder size and optionally delete files and folders Whats New:

WizTree 3.22 (18 May 2018)

MFT can now be dumped via command line:

WizTree.exe drive /dumpmftfile=filename

Use %d and %t in filename for date (YYYYMMDD) and time (HHMMSS)

e.g. WizTree C: /dumpmftfile=”d:dumpscdrive%d%t.mft”

MFT files now also store the drive letter of the original dumped drive so correct drive letter will be used when loading a previously saved MFT file (instead of ‘C’). Must use version 3.22 or newer for this to work.

Treemap colors can now be configured (Options->Colors…). Default and Color Blind color presets are available.

Empty folders would not appear on the tree view (fixed)Homepage


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