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File Size: 39.82 MB WizNote is a powerful tool, designed to help you keep track of daily tasks and other important information. It enables you to share notes and communicate with other users, as well as manage your database an online account. There are many that can help you to write memos, keep a personal journal and manage your contacts. However, if you need to access them multiple locations, you may benefit using a program that allows you to synchronize your information between several computers. Create and organize notes The application offers numerous note templates, suited for various purposes. You can write a simple memo and save it to one of your personal folders, but you can also keep a daily journal, add multiple tags and even record the current weather conditions.

Additionally, you can generate sticky notes and place them on your desktop, to remind you of certain activities. These are fully customizable, as you can change their color, font and opacity.

Moreover, you can add contacts, insert detailed information about them and attach various files to each entry. Synchronize and share information To use WizNote, you first need to create an online account that allows you to access your data any location, as well as synchronize information between multiple computers.

If you friends or coworkers also use WizNote, you can easily share notes, post comments, send and receive messages. Powerful, but lacks adequate documentation WizNote offers a wide array of functions, but they can be overwhelming for a first-time user. This is not helped by the fact that no English documentation is offered, which would have helped new users understand the program’s functions.

All in all, WizNote is a complex application that can be used for multiple purposes, writing and sharing notes to keeping a daily journal. It features an online component that allows you to synchronize data between multiple computers, but does not include any English documentation.

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Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version.

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