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File Size: 1.6 MBWindows 10 Update Switch is a simple tool that enables you to turn-off or turn-on Windows 10 updates. You can also use Switch10 to set certain connection types as metered. Disable Updates Post Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Prior to Windows 10 Anniversary Update you could Disable Windows 10 Updates using Group Policies. However, after the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, this option is no longer available. “Thank you Microsoft, we appreciate it”. In result, we had to resort to unorthodox methods to disable Windows 10 updates. How does Windows 10 Update Switch work?

Windows 10 Update Switch disables and stops the Windows Update service and in doing so, disables Windows 10 Updates. Furthermore, Switch10 can enable Windows 10 updates again quickly when you need it. It will in this case enable and start the Windows Update service again for your computer to update as normal. However, this is not a permanent solution. Windows 10 will in certain situations start the service back up automatically The recommended solution is to set the connection type as metered. Carry on reading for more about metered connections. Metered Connections

At the moment Windows 10 only allows you to set Wi-Fi connections as metered. Switch10 allows you to set 3G, 4G, Ethernet and Wi-Fi connection types as metered. With Switch10, you can quickly set these connection types back too non-metered when needed. When you set a connection type to metered connection, Windows 10 will not updates on that connection type. Read the Turn on Windows 10 metered connection article for more about metered connections. Whats new:

– New: Option to reset Metered Connection Permissions on errors.

– New: Added processing animation.

– New: Menus design with icons.

– New: Update animation.

– New: GitHub link to the Help menu to quickly create an issue.

– New: GitHub link on the About Dialog.

– New: s, Get Support and Donate links to the Help menu.

– New: donation link (

– New: None-intrusive Donate prompt after a set time. The Donate prompt will only be shown once.

– New: Localization (Translations).

– New: Global error count for the logging subsystem.

– New: Errors now indicated on progress display.

– Change: Better Interface layout.

– Change: Update files are now ed to the Windows Temp directory.

– Change: Resources now embedded in main Executable. No more external resource Dlls.

– Change: Alt+F4 now s the program and not Esc. (Safer)

– Change: Moved Documents to Documents folder.

– Improved: Control State management when Processing.

– Improved: Custom Progress Bar.

– Improved: About Dialog (New Mouse Hover Effects for Image Buttons).

– Improved: Splash Screen (New custom Progress Bar).

– Improved: Registry write error return.

– Improved: update notification system with option to disable update checks.

– Optimize: Cleaner optimized code.

– Fix: Metered Connection Settings detection.

– Fix: Wrong SubInACL.exe path detection on Windows 32-bit.

– Fix: Double registry error return.

– Fix: Logging final message with error count.

– Removed: Caching folder, including related functions. (Redundant) Homepage……

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