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VidCoder is an open-source DVD/Blu-ray ripping and video transcoding application for Windows. It uses HandBrake as its encoding engine. Feature:


MP4, MKV containers

H.264 encoding with x264, the world’s best video encoder

Completely integrated encoding pipeline: everything is in one process and no huge intermediate temporary files

H.265, MPEG-4, MPEG-2, VP8, Theora video

AAC, MP3, Vorbis, AC3, FLAC audio encoding and AAC/AC3/MP3/DTS/DTS-HD passthrough

Target bitrate, size or quality for video

2-pass encoding

Decomb, detelecine, deinterlace, rotate, reflect filters

Batch encoding

Instant source previews

Creates small encoded preview clips

Pause, resume encoding Prerequisites

You’ll need .NET 4.6. If you don’t have it, VidCoder will prompt you to  and install it. If you’re on Windows 10 you shouldn’t need to install anything; it has .NET 4.6 pre-installed.

You do not need to install HandBrake for VidCoder to work. Whats New:

Fixed possible scan issue where the feature title is not available in the list of titles.

Fixed bug causing denoise tune to not apply.

Fixed crash that could occur when searching for backup database.

Fixed issue where job count becomes incorrect after editing a queue item.

Fixed issue with switching to MP4 container with non-supported encoder selected.

Fixed potential culture issues with string interpolation.

Updated translations.

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