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File Size : 1 Mb The Ultimate Extract and Recover continues the legend of Unrar Extract And Recover. written scratch in C# and the .NET framework with new and advanced features such as processing files inside sub directories, processing files and directories with Unicode names, support for Unicode passwords, better logging and statistics facilities, revamped GUI , and optimizations that offer much faster execution. Simple looks

Although you may find the interface a bit unprofessional, it does a great job helping the app complete the task of decompressing the user-defined archives. Even though a more user-friendly and modern approach is always welcomed, the application focuses on functionality rather than on appearance.

A few configuration settings

You thus have to pick the input and the output directory and configure settings to remember input and output folders, delete the extracted RAR files, map directory to archive name, as well as enable test mode or log password. Ultimate Extract and Recover doesn’t assault the user with too many configuration settings, so it takes just a minute before jumping to the main process of extracting files.


Besides the main window, Ultimate Extract and Recover also shows a Command Prompt window that displays a bunch of statistics, including the total number of processed files, successfully extracted, tested or failed. Recover password-protected files

In addition, Ultimate Extract and Recover can very well be used as a password recovery tool if you provide a comprehensive dictionary file. The application tries each password for a user-defined list of archives, but this may take some time. Performance

Unrar Extract and Recover works runs on low resources, but it may stress up the CPU and RAM a little bit when processing larger archives.

Bottom line

But overall, this is quite a handy tool if you deal with multiple archives at the same time on a regular basis and a simple visual ‘facelift’ would turn it into a top product. Whats New:

1.Added ini.txt file which remembers the last Input and Output directories.The file is located in UsernameAppDataLocalUERini.txt and must contain just 2 lines,the first for the Input directory,the second the Output directory

2.Removed update check for new version

3.Updated to unrar.dll version 5.60.3Homepage


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