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Coupling CAE simulation products for multiphysics analysis requires a complex process. Fortunately, a complex process does not need to require hours of mastering scripts and scripting interfaces, or repeatedly exporting and importing results by hand. CoTherm eliminates the time sinks commonly involved with multiphysics co-simulation, freeing up your time to focus on actual analysis. CoTherm facilitates running complex multiphysics simulation processes between CAE simulation products. A co-simulation process can be edited directly in CoTherm’s graphical user interface (GUI) without using complex scripting, enabling users to set up, execute, and understand the results of a coupled simulation process. This GUI is intuitive to engineers and analysts, and reduces the number of actions required the user. CoTherm’s architecture enables enhancement and customization, making it adaptable to a wide variety of multidisciplinary problems and simulation tools. Meanwhile, its operation preserves the integrity of these processes and data in a consistent, reliable manner. Throughout the co-simulation process, CoTherm’s run controls and Message Window provide detailed process control and feedback, while CoTherm’s Monitors make it easy to view and interpret results within the interface. The new features and enhancements of CoTherm 1.5: – Added coupling selection resource

The new coupling selection resource replaces both the existing TAITherm Selection and the CFD Selection resources. These selections are easier to transfer model to model, enabling more consistent data between thermal and CFD models. This feature makes the set-up process easier and faster for coupled analysis.

– Notes for tasks and resources

The notes property allows process builders to define a detailed explanation of a Resource or Task, enabling easier sharing of process documents within groups. Notes can contain rich-text formatting and include linked images.

– Simplified layout for end-users

To better organize the application interface for different users, Analyst and Designer layouts have been added to CoTherm. The analyst layout is optimized for specifying inputs and running a process, whereas the designer layout gives complete control when building or modifying the process structure. In both layouts, the Resources and Tasks are now listed in a single document view to offer an easier overview. – Check warning messages before running a simulation

Via the “Check Process Document” action, a document can be manually checked for warnings prior to running a simulation. The document will also be checked automatically before any run.

– Mixed Cycle Process

Via the “Check Process Document” action, a document can be manually checked for warnings throughout the setup, prior to running a simulation. This new view shows all the warnings found in the document including all levels of sub-processes in one place. The document will also be checked automatically before any run. Version: 1.5.0

Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even or newer / CentOS 6 and 7 with redhat-lsb-core

Software Prerequisites: TAITherm, Star-CCM+ or Fluent as solvers


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