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SysHardener is intended to bolster your Windows settings specifically to mitigate against a multitude of cybersecurity threats.The intention here is to help reduce and hopefully totally prevent malware, ransomware, exploits, and other common threats by limiting the attack surface that they leverage for an attack. This measure is done by restricting some of the functionalities of Windows. This process includes securing vulnerable (Microsoft Office, Adobe Reader, etc.), outbound connection blocking for specific apps (powershell.exe, wscript.exe, winword.exe, etc.), disabling of JavaScript on Adobe Reader, Macros, OLE, and ActiveX on Office. You can also unassociate VBS, VBE, JS, JSE, WSH file type associations, as well as disabling of unused Windows Services. NoVirusThanks SysHardener can not only be used for your home network but at work as well. Ransomware can be spread via email as malicious attachments like DOC, XLS, VBS, JS, JSE, WSF. With NoVirusThanks SysHardener, you can simply unassociate these (uncommon) file types. So if someone attempts to open a .js file type, for instance, it will not open. It will mitigate Microsoft Office exploits by allowing you to disable Macros, OLE and ActiveX, and Windows Script Host (wscript.exe) ensuring that JS, VBE, VBS, and WSH scripts will fail to execute. It also includes a few smart Windows Firewall rules for quick blocking of outbound connections for commonly hijacked programs so they cannot remote files or transmit data. Additionally, it will allow you to enable UAC which is frequently disabled by malware. All setting changes can be restored to default with a single click. NoVirusThanks puts out some great tools, and SysHardener is no exception. It is easy-to-use and already comes with some common points already checked off by default as well as providing you with some guidance on certain essential processes and services with color-coded warnings that when hovered over give insight or a warning before you decide to enable/disable them. Whats New:

[11-Mar-2018] v1.2.0.0 + Fixed disabling of WinHTTP Web Proxy Auto-Discovery Service

+ Fixed enabling of PowerShell Constrained Language Mode

+ Fixed disabling of PowerShell Script Execution

+ Added button “Windows Features” on “System Tools” tab

+ Added button “Active Connections” on “System Tools” tab

+ Added button “Event Viewer” on “System Tools” tab

+ Added button “DCOMCNFG” on “System Tools” tab

+ New option “Turn Off HomeGroup Provider Service”

+ New option “Turn Off Program Compatibility Assistant Service”

+ New option “Change PowerShell Execution Policy for Current User”

+ New option “Turn Off DNS Client (Dnscache) Service”

+ New option “Turn Off Windows Search Service”

+ New option “Turn Off SMBv1”

+ New option “Turn Off SMBv2v3”

+ New option “Disable SMB on Port 445 (SMBDeviceEnabled)”

+ New option “Disable NetBIOS over TCP/IP on All Network Interfaces”

+ New option “Turn Off Sidebar and Desktop Gadgets”

+ New option “Disable DCOM (OLE)”

+ New option “Turn Off Server (LanmanServer) Service”

+ New option “Block Oubound Connections for Eventvwr.exe”

+ New option “Block Oubound Connections for MMC.exe”

+ New option “Block Oubound Connections for Wmic.exe”

+ New option “Disable PowerShell v2.0 Engine”

+ New option “Block Outbound Connections for Rundll32.exe”

+ New option “Block Outbound Connections for PresentationHost.exe”

+ Disabled by default some Windows Firewall options

+ Added top-menu (FileHelp) to the main window

+ Minor fixes and optimizations

+ Updated help file

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