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Free Windows OS security application that allows you to harden Windows settings to mitigate cybersecurity threats. With this tool you can restrict functionalities of Windows and secure vulnerable (i.e Office and Adobe Reader). You can unassociate VBS, VBE, JS, JSE, WSH file type associations, disable JavaScript on Adobe Reader, disable Macros, OLE and ActiveX on Office, disable unused Windows Services, block outbound connections of specific programs via Windows Firewall, and much more. Harden Your Windows OS

Harden Windows OS to reduce the attack surface by disabling functionalities not required. Ransomware are known to spread via email as malicious attachments, that include DOC, XLS, VBS, JS, JSE, WSF. With our program you can unassociate these (uncommon) file types so when your employee opens a file named invoice.js, it will fail to open. You can mitigate Microsoft Office exploits by disabling Macros, OLE and ActiveX. You can disable Windows Script Host (wscript.exe) so JS, VBE, VBS, WSH scripts will fail to execute. We included also some smart Windows Firewall rules to block outbound connections of commonly hijacked programs so they cannot remote files or send data anywhere. Harden Windows OS

Disable unnecessary Windows functionalities and secure vulnerable . One-Click Solution

Important tweaks are checked by default, just hit Apply Selected button. Restore Defaults

Something doesn’t work? Easily restore default values of selected tweaks. Unassociate File Types

Unassociate file types of JS, JSE, VBS, VBE, WSH, WSF, PIF, SCR, BAT, JAR, PS1. Vulnerable

Restrict functionalities of Word, Excel, Adobe Reader, Foxit Reader, etc. Windows Firewall

Windows Firewall rules to block outbound connections of specific programs. Mitigate Online Threats

With all these system hardening tweaks you can mitigate cybersecurity threats. Command-line Params

Run the program via command-line with /applyselected or /restoreselected. No SpywareAdware

The program is free spyware, adware or other pests, nothing extra is installed.

Whats New: Initial release
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