Sublime Text 3 Dev Build 3174 (x86/x64)

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File Size: 17.11 MBSublime Text is a comprehensive text editor that supports plain text and programming languages (including HTML), and it is the portable version of Sublime Text. The user-friendly interface has a modern-looking design that is highly customizable. This means that you can control the font size and color scheme used within the program. In addition to that, you can also hide or reveal certain tabs and tool bars. A search function is available throughout the text and for files. You may switch to full screen mode, customize the layout (e.g. columns, grid), enable syntax highlighting (e.g. Perl, PHP, SQL, XML), use a spell checker, as well as record and save macros, among many other options. In order to make some of the software utility’s options more accessible, a huge number of shortcut keyboards is available, such as “Ctrl+L” to select an entire line, “Ctrl+E” so as to use a specific selection in the search, and open the Command Palette with “Ctrl+Shift+P”. Seeing that this is a portable version, it means that installing Portable Sublime Text to the hard drive is not required. You can copy the program to any location on the HDD, or even to a portable device such as a USB flash drive, therefore enabling you to use the app on any computer that you have access to. In addition to that, no new keys are going to be added to the Windows registry, nor to the Start screen. Syntax highlighting is available for a myriad of languages such as C#, HTML, Java, LaTeX, PHP, Python and Perl. A search tool is integrated in the word processing application, so that you can easily look for certain words. You can enable case sensitive, look only for matching words, and so on. Sublime Text has a good response time and minimal impact on system performance, using a very low amount of CPU and RAM. No error dialogs were shown in our tests, and the app did not hang or crash. Thanks to its modern interface and myriad of advanced options, Sublime Text should please experienced users who are looking for an all-around text editor. To sum up, Sublime Text is easy to work with, as long as you happen to be an advanced user. The modern interface, powerful search capabilities and large numbers of options make this software utility a smart acquisition.Whats New:Fixed a spell check rendering regression in 3171

Fixed a rendering regression in 3171

Several high DPI related fixes

Added ui_scale setting to scale the entire UI

Various syntax highlighting improvements

Linux: Added workaround for a display driver issue, giving significant scrolling improvements for some environments

Indexing: Added more information in the Indexing Status window, and reduced CPU utilization in some scenarios

Mac: Add default key bindings for ctrl+pgup and ctrl+pgdn to match Firefox

Some crash fixesHomepage

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