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File Size: 78.46 MB Soda Player is an ambitious, free and open-source software project that aims to simplify user experience when it comes to watching movies torrents. Instead of ing the videos with a typical BitTorrent client, this utility eliminates that barrier and directly plays streaming videos. Those of you who have tried Popcorn Time are surely familiar with this concept. Wrapped in a clean and modern interface, Soda Player keeps things simplified for users who just want to enjoy watching a favorite movie or TV show. It’s not encumbered with advanced features (not for the moment, at least).

Play movies magnet links, torrent files, and local content Besides the fact that it’s designed to quickly play magnet links and torrent files, the application can play local audio tracks and videos files. In fact, once you reach the main window, you are faced with two self-explanatory options that can be clicked to make it your default BitTorrent and video player. Support for DHT, PEX, UDP trackers is available, along with other technologies borrowed BitTorrent, in order to boost streaming speed. Special emphasis is put on privacy protection since Soda Player is capable of masking your IP address other peers and agents over the BitTorrent network. This is all possible thanks to an integrated SOCKS5 proxy client.

Auto-retrieves matching subs in your language Furthermore, the BitTorrent player can automatically retrieve matching subtitles in your language (powered by It’s not exactly specific concerning the supported filetypes but it promises to play HD formats like HEVC/H.265, WebM and H.264. In addition to Windows, Soda Player is available for Mac, Chromecast and AppleTV. The project is currently in beta development stage, which means that bugs and stability issues are not excluded. In fact, it had some trouble playing torrent movies in our tests, taking a very long time to stream content or failing altogether (in some cases, it was just faster to use a BitTorrent client).

Whats New: [Windows/AirPlay] Fix major regression where some videos wouldn’t AirPlay (and nothing would AirPlay when using subtitles). [Acestream/Chromecast] Pass-thru video instead of re-encoding (keep original video quality and decrease CPU usage). [Mac/Acestream] Fix the need to restart the operating system after opening an acestream link (tentative fix). [Chromecast] Fix bug when trying to cast video with a DTS audio track. [Chromecast] .ts videos should cast again.

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