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SimpleWall 2.3.0

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SimpleWall – simple tool to configure Windows Filtering Platform (WFP) which can configure network activity on your computer. Features: Simple configuration; Adware, telemetry blocking. Features:

– Simple interface without annoying pop ups

– Dropped packets logging (Windows 7 and above)

– Internal blocking lists (malware, telemetry)

– IPv4/IPv6 support Whats New:

added allowed connections monitoring in dropped packets log (win8+)

added inbound multicast and broadcast connections logging (win8+)

added outbound redirection filter layer (win7+)

added separation for remote/local address/port in rules editor

added hotkeys for import/export profile

added win10 rs5 support

prevent memory overflow for singly linked lists (win7+) (issue #193)

do not load icons for processes if icons displaying are disabled

improved multiple rules applying speed in settings window

increased time limit for displaying same notification (win7+)

search loading dlls in system directories only (safety)

check for correct xml data type before loading

store last notification timestamp for apps

removed proxy support (win8+)

fixed dropped events callback crash (win7+)

fixed applying services filters

fixed alphanumeric sorting

improved port scanning defense

improved loopback connections

improved boot-time filters

stability improvements

cleanup xml atributes

updated system rules

cosmetics fixes

fixed ui bugs

fixed bugsHomepage

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