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Jotting down various details you need to remember on Post-it notes and sticking them to most surfaces around your working area is effective until you start losing the small pieces of paper. Simple Sticky Notes is a program that offers a similar service, without the risk of losing any of the information. While the concept behind the app is indeed simple, the program comes with an extensive list of customizable settings. By default, the notes are yellow, but their color can be changed to any of the other available shades. The font name, style, size and color may be changed as well. Furthermore, the default title can be modified to display the date or time of creation. This utility supports hotkeys. While these are already defined, they may be modified to suit your needs. Thus, you can create new notes, show or hide all the notes by simply pressing a few keys. Alarms can also be created by defining the time and choosing one of the available sounds. The program lets you add MP3s, but some tones are available online. You can modify the opacity of each note and give them a new color. They can also set them to always be on top of other frames. The program comes with a few rich text editing tools. For instance, you can insert the date and time, create bullet lists and fiddle with the text alignment. Some enhancement options are also available, such as bold, italic, underline and strikeout. You can cut, copy and paste the content. The bottom line is that Simple Sticky Note is a great app that you are sure to find useful. Figuring out how to work with this program is not complicated, so inexperienced users should have no problems. FEATURES RichText support Colorful and Transparent Printable Snap to desktop edges Hide/Show all notes option

Whats New:

New “Special Characters” feature (You can insert special characters into note)

Improved stability and performance

Improved overall usability

Fixed bug related to removing hotkeys

Fixed an issue related daily alarm

Fixed some translation problems

Fixed many other important bugs

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