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File Size: 12.76 MB Simple DNSCrypt is a powerful management tool to configure dnscrypt-proxy that enables you to encrypt and secure your DNS queries, preventing 3rd parties to invade your privacy by monitoring your DNS traffic.As the name implies, Simple DNSCrypt is very easy to use and requires no technical knowledge. Simply select the network card you want to protect and choose a DNS proxy the provided list. The program will automatically configure your network card to use localhost for DNS queries and route the queries through the secure proxy server. Other features include optional logging, integrated proxy list updates, domain blacklisting, and an option to act as gateway for other computers. Stylish user interface Installing this program on your system can be done effortlessly, as it requires you to perform little to no configuration while setting it up. Thanks to its smooth, user-friendly interface that packs several straightforward features, you can operate its functions conveniently.

However, you need to have advanced computer skills and a good understanding of network security related concepts so that you can benefit its functions entirely. 2-layer encryption Simple DNSCrypt enables you to encrypt your DNS traffic, thus increasing both your privacy and security by preventing others listening to it.

This can be achieved by enabling the primary resolver and, if you want to increase your security, enable and configure the secondary resolver, as well, by toggling the corresponding switch. Therefore, the application provides you with a 2-layered encryption.

Configuring each of the resolvers can be done by selecting your favorite server the combo menu, according to your preferences. Features a plugin manager Accessing the Advanced Settings section enables you to customize various parameters, such as toggling the Global Resolver module, enable TCP over UDP if you want slower speeds and also access a plugin manager.

The plugin manager makes it possible that you can disable waiting responses for IPv6 addresses upstream, thus speeding up your web browsing. Also, you can opt to log the DNS queries that the proxy receives and save them to a local file.

Support languages: Bulgarian, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Indonesian, Persian/Farsi, Polish, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish

Whats New: dnscrypt-proxy has been updated to version 2.0.1 Updated some language files it is now possible to add hosts directly the block log to the whitelist it is now possible to add hosts directly the query log to the blacklist simplednscrypt automatically restarts the service when the blacklist is regenerated (if the service has already been started) an error which could cause the application to crash in case of missing blacklist or whitelist file has been fixed

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