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Compatibility: OS X 10.8 or later 64-bit | File size: 7 MB Prepare better thumbnail images for your website or blog, resized uniformly and with a polished look. SharpResize is lightweight, has convenient controls and shortcuts and produces a more polished result. – Many ways to grab your image – clipboard, drag to dock icon, application or alias, drag into SharpResize’s image well or open with a file dialog

– More polished result because it uses Lanczos resampling rather than the more usual Bicubic

– Further sharpening can be applied using a luminance sharpening filter which enhances the contrast between pixels without affecting the colour information

– Simple controls for output size / quality

– Adjustment controls for exposure, contrast, saturation, vibrance

– retina-sharp 2x and 3x versions without extra clicks, plus additional custom formats

– Batch processing

– Lightweight and fast-loading

Whats new

More options for resizing

– crop or add (with choice of colour) if aspect ratio is changing

More options for adjusting

– exposure / contrast / saturation / vibrance

Adds some filters for more dramatic changes

– b/w / sepia / posterize / kodachrome

Adds options for output file

– jpg / png / tiff

Adds batch functionality – drop or open multiple files to apply the same resizing and adjustments to all

Better configuration of additional sizes. (each image you work on can be saved in multiple sizes) Comes with @2x and @3x configured but you can add other sizes / formats

Plus other improvements

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