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Do you have sensitive files or data you want to keep away prying eyes? Secret Disk will create a space on your hard drive, only accessible with a password, and invisible to Windows explorer. When you install Secret Disk, you have to set a password (which you mustn’t forget). This will create a ‘drive’ with a letter like Z. When you open Secret Disk, enter the correct password to open the drive folder. You can store whatever you like in here, as long as you have space on your hard drive and lock the folder, and it will disappear Windows. Your secret disk only appears when you open the application and enter the right password. In the program’s settings you can choose to have Secret Disk notify you if there are failed attempts at accessing the hidden drive. Secret Disk is a pretty effective application, although the application itself isn’t hidden, so other users may notice there is something to find Whats New: Security improved: the program has been signed by new code signing certificate. Fixed bug that prevented virtual disk resuming stand by mode. Improved updates notification. Small visual bug fixes. Date of release: 1 March 2018.

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