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File Size: 50.24 MB Room Arranger is an easy to use program for interior design and design. This application is aimed primarily at beginners and inexperienced users who do not know the subtleties of working in such popular CAD systems as AutoCAD, Sweet Home 3D, SketchUp Make, etc. However, with the task of simplifying modeling furniture placement, designing a new kitchen or even planning your home ” scratch “she copes quite successfully. Room Arranger contains a rather extensive library of various interior elements: doors and windows, cabinets, chairs, tables, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, additional accessories, stairs, garden accessories, etc. It’s very easy to start designing: create a new project by indicating the number of rooms and their sizes. And then place the elements you need the application directory. All actions are performed by simply dragging an object the list into your room (kitchen, bathroom, hallway, etc.). It is convenient that when designing a private house, the plan of each floor can be combined into one project and quickly switched to the desired scheme. In addition, it is implemented in Room Arranger and 3D-mode of displaying finished work that allows you to more clearly and realistically evaluate your project. In general, Room Arranger, though it contains only the basic functionality for CAD-design, but despite this will be a good assistant to everyone who likes to experiment with the design of living rooms and office space, allowing you to pre-implement all your ideas and choose the best option.

Features: 3D Visualization

Wide Object Library


Print in Scale


Build on Floor Plan Image

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