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Registry Guard is a powerful utility which uses a kernel-mode driver to prevent any process or only specific processes writingreadingdeleting custom registry keysvalues. You can prevent, for example, any process writing to registry autostart locations, or prevent processes hijacking your Internet Explorer registry settings, and much more. With NoVirusThanks Registry Guard you can protect custom Windows registry keys and values unauthorized modifications, a swiss army knife against nasty malware. Recommended for experienced Windows users only. Key features and characteristics Prevent the modification of specific registry keys and values

Useful to protect all registry autostart locations

Write your own rules to block custom registry keys and values

Specify to monitor any process or only specific processes

Easy-to-write rules thanks to wildcarding and aliases

Monitor the creation of registry keys

Monitor the writingmodification of registry values

Monitor the deletion of registry keys and values

Monitor the reading of registry values

Show useful information when an action is blocked

Powerful protection thanks to the kernel-mode driver

Supports all Microsoft Windows Vista+ OSs

Very lightweight in memory and CPU usage Whats New:

Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version

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