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When storing large numbers of photos on your computer, keeping them organized is a real challenge. While a basic image viewer is great if all your pictures are saved in a single folder, a more complex program is required to navigate through multiple albums. Regards Viewer is a powerful application that makes it much easier to find specific images, as it includes a simple file explorer and allows you to set up filters. Moreover, it displays EXIF data and offers a basic set of editing tools. Versatile utility that supports numerous file formats If your images are saved to a wide range of formats, you need not worry, as Regards Viewer is capable of opening, among others, JPG, GIF, PNG, TGA, BMP, TIFF, JPEG2000 and SVG files. Moreover, the application can process MPEG4, AVI, Quicktime and AVCHD video files. Some simple editing operations can be performed, such as applying image filters, flipping or rotating photos, and the modified files can be exported to BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG, TGA, PDF and several other formats.

View detailed file information, create filters and set up slideshows The program provides you with location data and information about each file’s format by extracting metadata. Additionally, it is possible to customize the viewing criteria to ensure the application only displays the images or videos you are interested in. Moreover, you can set up slideshows, and the program allows you to specify how long each image should be displayed.

Features a customizable interface that is, however, somewhat out-of-date Any of the application’s optional modules can be resized or disabled, which means that each user can create their own, personalized layout. Sadly, the interface is not exactly eye-catching, but most users should not find this to be a major issue. In conclusion, Regards Viewer is a suitable application for those who are looking for an alternative to the built-in Windows image viewer. It offers quite a few more features, thus making it a lot easier to navigate through your photo collection.

FEATURES Support reading Picture format : JPEG, GIF, PNG, PCX, TGA, TIFF, BMP, Kodak Photo-Cd, JPEG2000, Photoshop PSD, PPM, PGM, Camera Raw, SVG, WEBP, HEIC, EXR, HDR and BPG. Support reading Video format (DXVA2 acceleration support) : mpeg4, avi, mkv, webp, y4m, quicktime and AVCHD. Support Exif and xmp file information. Support New Apple Photo format for IOS 11 HEIF. Support GPS informations Photo and Apple Iphone Video. Hi Quality display interpolation. OpenGL Picture display and OpenCL post Effect.

Whats new in version 2.15.1 Bug Correction for Increase and Decrease Size Bug Correction for Folder and Criteria Menu Button


OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 10 (64-bit) —

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