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File Size: 12.79 MB The program QuickMon is designed to create alerts. It should be noted right away that QuickMon is not a familiar organizer, but it is precisely a technical monitoring tool. By means of the application, it is possible to monitor the operation of several computers on the local network, to receive information about the state of the operating system and to set up analytical reminders. The miniature program interface includes several basic options. You can add notifications, edit them, or view all existing bookmarks. Thanks to the application, you can set the time for a disk check or configure automatic monitoring of the local network. QuickMon will report all the problems and technical conflicts on its own, which will allow timely elimination of the problems and eliminate threats to the root. For each reminder in QuickMon there are settings. You can choose the method of notification, as well as the frequency of its appearance. In particular, you can create queues several bookmarks, which is important when it comes to working with a remote network and several clients. In addition, QuickMon has the option to generate reminders. The utility will independently determine the problems and problems that have arisen. All information about them is also recorded in a separate log file, available in the application options.


Polls resources on predefined frequency

Agents use a ‘plug-in’ architecture

Agents are (XML) config driven – Each ‘agent’ can be customized on its own

Collectors can service multiple collector agents – of different types

Collector hosts returns one of three possible states: Good, Warning or error

Several different notifier agent available for alerting

Each notifier can be set up to fire on collector states – e.g. only errors/errors and warnings

Groups of resources can be monitored (and alert on) as a unit – using Monitor packs

Parent Collector host specify if child collectors get run based on specified ‘Check behavior’.

Collector hosts can run as a ‘different user’ (impersonation)

Alerting can be customized in several ways – like suppression, delaying, repeating etc.

Resources on remote machines can be monitored via remote host functionality if direct access is blocked (e.g. firewall)

Collector agents can be set to operate only in specified ‘service windows’

Collector agents can suppress/override polling frequency

Corrective scripts can be executed if collector returns error/warning

Monitor packs can be used in both a Windows client or a Windows Service

It runs on All versions of Windows that supports the .Net 4.0 framework – e.g. 10, 8, 7, Vista and even XP. Windows Server OS’es are also supported.

Whats New:

The biggest change in this release is the addition of export collector history functionality. Now you can export historic state info (only manually for now) for reporting purposes.

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