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There are a number of icons that are included with programs and images, that users might need to work with. Quick Any2Ico is an application that allows users to extract icons various different file formats, then convert them into either PNG or GIF images in several different resolution options. A single window interface that displays all the programs options and settings within a single window The design of Quick Any2Ico is extremely efficient in the sense that it displays all the relevant information immediately, the downside of the layout is the lack of detail. There are options and extras that simply can’t be included due to the space constraints of a single window. Some extra tabs or menus might not suit their design choice, but they would make the program more robust. One of the issues with Quick Any2Ico and its design choice is the lack of a preview window for any icons, users cannot see how the image is adjusting to the various resolutions. The design choice that goes with Quick Any2Ico will benefit users who want a more simple approach, but advanced users will feel disappointed. A lack of advanced options and customization within the application that makes it more basic There are lots of different tools and advanced features that Quick Any2Ico should or could include, that it doesn’t due to its basic interface. Being able to edit the icon in any way is just not an option, such as changing the color of the image or apply any effects to it, such as blur, emboss and sharpen. Additional options like drawing tools, allowing users to be able to customize and manually edit icons are not included at all in Quick Any2Ico. There are even more areas that the program could be improved compared to its competition, however, Quick Any2Ico is a free application that is often going to have less features than a purchasable program. A reasonable application for users only interested in the basic icon extraction and nothing else There are some areas where Quick Any2Ico provides significant detail, such as the resolution options, unfortunately that is about it. That being said, for those looking for a simple icon extractor, Quick Any2Ico is a very useful, easy-to-use program that will suit a users basic needs only. Whats New:

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