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Portable ScreenPresso Pro|Packed in VMware ThinApp|Windows(x86/x64)|rar|30 mb

Screenpresso captures your desktop ( and HD videos) for your training documents, collaborative design work, IT bug reports, and more…Screenpresso is a NEW Light-weight screen grab tool with built-in image editor, user guide generator and sharing options. Attention

Dear users We do not forget about our rights holders

All portable assembly, designed exclusively for the promotion of the software and can be used for informational purposes only

After testing the program and decide on the usefulness and necessity of you, this software – you are required remove the assembly and turn to the developer, to purchase a license for a full version. Good luck


Release Notes

Capture in Videos or Images

– Capture what you see on your screen with just a few clicks.

– Manage your capture history by workspaces.

– Import medias your iPhone with our dedicated app on iOS.

Create great looking images and documents

– Edit and highlight what matter in your with our built-in image editor.

– Create PDF documents with our document generator.

Share your screen captures

– Drag & drop your captures to your emails to create attachments in 1 second.

– Share videos and images with Screenpresso Cloud without registration.

– Publish to Evernote, Google Drive, Twitter, Facebook, Dropbox and more…

Capture including scrolling parts

Press the Print Screen button, and you will see how Screenpresso magically assists you in screen capture:

The mouse cursor will turn into a crosshair, and moving it around the screen will automatically highlight the area that can be captured in red. It does some pretty cool edge snapping to the screen, so you can choose to capture part of a window, or the entire window, or even the whole screen.

– Capture full screen, part of the screen or a specific window with the same shortcut/hot key.

– Make sure to capture exactly what you need. Click and drag anywhere on your screen to select a region with pixel perfect accuracy thanks to the zoom lens at the right bottom of the screen

– Capture scrolling windows: Can’t fit it on the screen ? Make a unique image of scrolling windows thanks to the stitching mechanism.

– Capture your mouse cursor and the context of the capture

– Delay capture for capturing context menu

Capture your screen in HD videos

A small video is the key to reduce misunderstanding in documentation.

Screenpresso records your screen in a video and produces lightweight MP4 video files for easy sharing.

– Capture in MP4 format for lightweight files

– Capture your microphone and webcam

– Export frames/images

– Resize the video at the end and change the format

Smooth workflow

– Press [PrintScreen] key to start a Capture. You don’t need to bother on filename

– Edit your capture with built-in editor

– Publish your capture (PDF, email attachment, drag anywhere or post online)

Powerful built-in image editor

Screenpresso provides a built-in vector image editor to mark up your screen captures.

– Double-click on an image in the Screenpresso’s workspace to open the editor or click on the Edit button.

– Add arrows, spotlight an area, colorful speech bubbles, rectangles, ellipses, text boxes, callouts and more

– Crop, add drop shadow, rounded corners, reflection, torn edges and more fancy border effects

– Step Tool : quickly highlight a series of steps: each click applies the next number in the series

Workspaces and libraries

All screen captures are automatically saved to a widget-like panel called the “Workspaces” which provides you:

– Quick and direct access to your previous captures (images, videos)

– Drag and drop files to and workspaces to editing tools, e-mail clients, and other programs, too.

– Shortcuts to organize, print, copy to clipboard past captures

– A toolbar to start new capture, edit, and publish your images and clips

Sharing of captures

Screenpresso has an built-in feature of publishing/sharing your captures (image/video) to 13 online services for a fast and easy workflow including:

– Screenpresso Cloud (no registration requested) for instant sharing with a public tiny URL

– Email clients

– Google Drive and YouTube

– Microsoft OneDrive and OneNote

– Dropbox

– Evernote

– Facebook, Twitter, Hightail, Imgur


Android screen capture

Capture your connected Android (4.4+) devices in images and videos thanks to the Android center.

Document generator

Screenpresso can also generate PDF, Microsoft Word (DOCX) or HTML documents based on images and comments. This is great for quickly generating user manuals, trainings or even a review in a couple of minutes. Release New


– Editor: improved image editor’s automatic window’s sizing when an image is opened

– Editor: better suport for RightToLeft text edition

– Editor: increased max font size

– Multiple minor bug fixes

– Capture: added an alert message when a user wants to use ‘Direct MP4 recording’ feature under Windows 7 (Windows 8 or above is required)

– Editor: fixed an issue when drawed items did not appear when opening a image

– Editor: fixed an issue with thickness setting that was reseted

– Editor: fixed a translation issue in Arabic that could make a crash

– Player: ‘Original size’ checkbox’ state is now persisted in settings

– Renamed ‘portable mode’ to ‘not installed mode’ in startup window. Portable mode applies only when runned a USB key

– Added support for Windows Store and Windows 10 S

HomepageHome Page – System Requirements

– Restrictions: It does not correspond to the tablet mode.

– CPU: Intel® Pentium 4 or later / AMD Athlon 64 or later (900 MHz or greater)

– (64bit support recommended)

– Memory: 4GB or more (Recommend 8GB or more)

– HDD: 10GB or more of free disk space

– Display: XGA (1,024×768), Full Color (24 bit or higher), 16-bit display (32-bit recommended)

Windows XP, Windows Vista all SP, Windows 7, Work on Windows 10 is POSSIBLE, BUT NOT GUARANTEED

Language Multilanguage(Russian English) Portable (Size:30 mb)

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