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File size: 3.6 MB Personal Timeclock™ helps you keep track of time you’ve spent on your computer, or the time you’ve worked for clients. Time is charged to one or more “projects” by “punching in” when you begin work on each project. Projects may be grouped into different “categories.” The Reporter can then produce billing information, or compute the percentage of time your computer was used for business purposes, which is needed to deduct computer costs as a business expense on your taxes. Show clients how much time you’ve spent on their behalf.

Show your boss all the tasks you do and exactly how long each one takes.

Plan future projects more accurately by knowing how long past projects took.

Identify areas where you’re spending too much time. That was what convinced me to create Personal Timeclock. My primary goal was to keep it simple. Because it is simple, it is convenient and easy to use.

I designed Personal Timeclock to keep track of your time, and nothing else.

When you start a new task, two clicks of your mouse is all it takes to record your time.

You can group your projects by client, type of work, or by any other categories you need.

You can assign an hourly rate to each project and category, if you wish.

Personal Timeclock is easy to learn with its built-in tutorial introduction.

Whats New: Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version.…

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