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File Size: 116.64 MB Natron is an open source, cross platform nodal compositing application. It is built around industry standard open source tech such as OpenFX, OpenEXR, OpenColorIO and OpenImageIO. The feature set includes realtime playback/RAM cache, multi-threaded rendering, 2d tracking, rotoscoping, grading, animation via f-curves and 3rd party OpenFX plugin support. All contained within a familiar, intuitive interface with an XML based project file format. Features: 32 bits floating point linear colour processing pipeline.

Colorspace management handled by the OpenColorIO library.

Dozens of file formats supported: EXR, DPX,TIFF, JPG, PNG…thanks to OpenImageIO and FFmpeg.

Support for many free and open-source OpenFX plugins: TuttleOFX

OpenFX-IO to read anything else than standard 8-bits images


OpenFX-Yadif deinterlacer

OpenFX-Vegas SDK samples

OpenFX samples (in the Support and Examples directories) Support for commercial OpenFX plugins: All OFX products RevisionFX

Furnace by The Foundry

KeyLight by The Foundry

GenArts Sapphire

Other GenArts products

And many more. Please tell us if you successfully tested other commercial plugins. OpenFX: Currently almost all features of OpenFX v1.4 are supported Intuitive user interface: Natron aims not to break habits by providing an intuitive and familiar user interface. It is possible to customize and separate on any number of screens the graphical user interface. You can re-use your layouts and share your layout files (.nl) Performances: Never wait for anything to be rendered, in Natron anything you do produces real-time feedback thanks to its optimised multi-threaded rendering pipeline and its support for proxy rendering (i.e: the render pipeline can be computed at lower res to speed-up rendering). Multi-task: Natron can render multiple graphs at the same time, it can also be used as a background process in command-line mode without any display support (e.g: for render farm purpose). Recover easily bugs: Natron sometimes crashes. Fear not, an auto-save system detects inactivity and saves your work for yourself. Also Natron provides the option to render a graph in a separate process, meaning that any crash in the main application would not crash the ongoing render (and the other way around). Project format written in XML and easily editable by human. Fast & interactive Viewer – Smooth & accurate zooming/panning even for very large image sizes ( tested on 27k x 30k images). Real-time playback: Natron offers a real-time playback with best performances thanks to its RAM/Disk cache technology. Once a frame is rendered, it can be reproduced instantly afterwards, even for large image sizes. Low hardware requirements: All you need is an x86 64 bits or 32 bits processor, at least 3 GB of RAM and a graphic card that supports OpenGL 2.0 or OpenGL 1.5 with some extensions. Animate your visual effects: Natron offers a simple and efficient way to deal with keyframes with a very accurate and intuitive Curve Editor as well as a Dope Sheet to quickly edit your motion graphics. Command line tool for execution of project files. The command line version is executable on a computer without any display. Hence it is possible to use a render farm to render Natron’s projects. Rotoscoping, rotopainting and tracking support Multi-view workflow: Natron saves time by keeping all the views in the same stream. You can separate the views at any time with the OneView node. Python 2 scripting integration:

Parameters expressions

User-defined parameters

Nodes groups as Python scripts

Script editor to control the application overall

User-defined python callbacks to respond to particular checkpoints of the internals of the software (change of a parameter, before rendering a frame, etc…)

Integration of Pyside to the GUI so that the interface is extensible with new menus and windows Multi-plane: Natron is able to deal with multi-layered EXR files thanks to OpenImageIO. It is deeply integrated into the workflow and the user can choose to work with any layer (or plane) on any node. New custom layers can also be created.

Whats New: The viewer timeline can now display information as timecode instead of frames (see TC/TF choice next to fps below the timeline) Disabled Merge nodes (and other nodes with input A and B) now always pass-thru the B input. Preferences should never affect the render results. Shuffle now passes through B by default, and has a new toggle parameter “setGBAR” to disable automatically setting G B and A R. Grade: Add “Reverse” option to apply the inverse function. Usage: clone or copy-paste a Grade node, insert it downstream of the original node, and check “Reverse” in the downstream Grade. Fix RunScript (the bugs were in ReadOIIO and Natron), and better document it. GIF format is now read and written by ReadFFmpeg (most GIFs these days are animated).

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