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File size:92 MBmrViewer is a small, lightweight utility that can open images and play video files. It supports .BMP, .JPG, .PNG, .PSD, .MAP, .DPX, .MP4, .MPG, .MOV, .AVI, .DIVX, and .WMV file formats. With mrViewer you can add files by simply dragging and dropping them into the main panel or you can use the browse button to locate your media. It comes with a couple of tools that allow you to specify the frame rate, play or stop the current video selection, skip to the start or end position of a clip, adjust the volume, alter the RGB value, and adjust the levels for gamma and exposure. Features:

Flipbook player

HDRI viewer

Multichannel Support in OpenEXR, PSD, MIFF and TIFF formats

MultiView OpenEXR support

4K Video and Audio player

Network syncing support

Non-destructive EDL

Grease Pencil support

Multi Part EXR images

Deep OpenEXR images (Deep Scanline and Deep Tile)

Animated GIF support

Color Transformation Language (CTL) Support

ACES 1.0 Support

Passive 3D Stereo Support (anaglyphs, top/bottom, side by side, interlaced, checkerboard)

Linux 64bits and Windows 32 and 64 bits

Video and Audio Transcoder

Scrubbing with audio

VR support for environment maps and VR movies and sequences

Whats New:

-Updated FFMPEG to a later (almost latest) version.

-Improvements to channel/layer usage per request Dominik Pott:

-Next/Previous channel hotkeys are less granular. They now jump RGBA channel groups.

-Switching to the Z channel no longer breaks the hotkeys of RGBA.

-Channel names are now sorted according to function (ex. XYZ, RGB, etc ).

-Precaching now starts the current frame, not the start.

-Changing channels past the last or first channel loops to the beginning and to the end channels respectively.

-There’s a new hotkey (e) to toggle two channels for easy comparison.

-The cache now respects the IN/OUT points in the timeline and won’t cache further than that, except it has already been cached.

-The hotkeys have been changed so that ‘c’ always brings you to the color image, while r,g,b change based on what group of channels you have selected ( N, P, etc ).

-On Windows, the file requester is the native one by default now. This effects both loading and saving. Note that if you have preferences saved, you will need to remove it for this to take effect or save a new preferences with the native switch on.

-Bug fixed EXR saver to not repeat main layer name twice and breaking the multipart saving.Homepage

x86 Home Page x64 Home Page

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