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File size: 11.7 MBMP4 to MP3 Converter is one which helps in converting the audio files a particular format like the MP4, AVI, MOV, and WMV to MP3 or other formats. There are many advantages offered by this software as there is a large content of data available in various formats which you wish to enjoy.All these content various other formats can be converted to the standard MP3 format which is supported by all media players. – User friendliness

The technicalities of the audio formats could be difficult to understand to a common man. But, the converter makes the process simple. A three step procedure is enough to convert an audio file of any format to a standard MP3 format which can be used in any of your media players. – Flexibility in conversion

The MP4 to MP3 software is designed to work faster than any audio conversion software. It is designed to support a wide variety of audio and video formats which are available in the market. The files need not only be converted to MP3 but also to other good quality formats like WMA and FLAC. Batch mode conversion is available in this software which is very useful for large data. – Quality improvement

The audio files which are available on the internet might not be of good quality. Good quality audio files would have a bit rate of 320KBPS, whereas most of the files available on the internet are around 180-270KBPS. Using the software the quality of an audio file can be improved. In the software during the converson process, the output path can be set to 320KBPS which would thus improve the bit rate of the audio file. – Audio extraction

A unique feature offered by the program is the feature of video extraction. On the World Wide Web there are many videos shared. These vidoes can be ed the internet. If you wish to enjoy just the audio of the video, this software offers the utlitiy to extract the audio off the video and convert it to the standard MP3 format. The software also helps in Encoding MP3 WAV format. – MP3 Cutter

The converter offers the option of cropping the MP3 audio files. For example, if you need a particular part of the audio file for a performace, it can easily be done using this software. The procedure involved in cropping the audio file is simple. It is to be noted that the original file would remain even after cropping the MP3 file.

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