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Languages: English/German | File Size: 134.6 MB Mp3TagsForTracks is a tiny utility that can help you organize your music collection by adding the missing tags or correcting the erroneous ID3 tags. If you are the kind of person who enjoys ing a lot of music off the Internet or sharing new tracks with your friends, then we do not need to tell you more about the importance of having a well-tagged MP3 collection. Easy edit the artist, title and album of your tracks

Following a swift and forthright installation, you are welcomed by an easy-to-navigate interface that is comprised of three main section. While in the larger central pane you can add the tracks for processing with drag and drop, the lower and left panel are the sections where you can edit the tags accordingly.

Depending on the tags your audio files have, you can modify the number, year, genre, artist, song, album, copyright, composer, comment and add an URL, if necessary. Once you fill in or adjust the information, you can hit the Save button to save the new tags. Allows you to play the file before processing

In the eventuality that you have tracks with similar or identical names, then there is a chance that you get confused and possibly unsure about whether this is the right song you want to edit. You will be happy to learn that the app allows you to play it before proceeding, audio directly in the app and video with your default media player.

On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that the application is slightly buggy and some of the functions are not working properly. For instance, during our testing, we encountered errors when attempting to change the cover for the track, an issue that may not be too bothersome in some cases. A straightforward tool for editing ID3 tags

Despite the fact that most media players come with built-in editing functions, in most cases, they are rather limited and do not permit you to modify all tags. Mp3TagsForTracks can lend you a hand with changing some of the track tags and hence, organize your music collection.

Whats New: Bug: there were some encoding problems when searching for songs with some special chars (cyrillic, chinese, …) Bug: Fix a problem when the song search does not return a result. Feature: The message service has been improved. We display if necessary important messages on start of Mp3TagsForTracks. Usability: The message for an error during saving a song has been improved.…

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