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MemPlus is a free software program for Microsoft’s Windows operating system to analyze memory use and optimize system memory manually or automatically. The program displays the system’s RAM usage and the total physical memory installed on the device on start. You may activate the “clear memory” button if memory use is high to drop it. MemPlus clears the memory of non-essential processes when you do. The total amount of RAM that is freed by the procedure depends on a number of factors. MemPlus displays the freed up memory in a popup after the operation completes.


– RAM Optimizer : MemPlus can be used to reduce the amount of RAM that is being used by on your system. In essence, freeing up memory so that more memory is available to you

– RAM Analyzer:MemPlus can help recover the specification of the RAM that is installed on your system. This information can be exported in TEXT, HTML, CSV and Excel formats.

– Preferences:Need MemPlus to automatically optimize your RAM in the background? Want a different theme or start MemPlus when windows loads? You got it MemPlus offers a myriad of settings to make MemPlus truly yours.

– Automatic updates:MemPlus can automatically notify you if there’s a new version available so that you’ll always be the first to enjoy the latest and greatest features. Note: The program requires the Microsoft .Net Framework 4.7.1. Whats New:

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