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File size: 449 MBVEGAS Pro has always been an innovator. Version 15 carries on this legacy and delivers a completely customizable interface that provides ultimate flexibility. Filled with new features, both inside and out, VEGAS Pro powers your creativity. Whether you work in HD or 4K, VEGAS Pro stands ready to be your creative partner. Video/Audio production and DVD/Blu-ray disc authoring all in one powerful package. A better way to edit, author, and deliver

VEGAS Pro provides all the tools you need to edit your video fast. Encode for 4K delivery or publish to your favorite streaming outlet. Or, author and deliver your production in HD with Dolby Digital sound on a Blu-ray disc. Whatever your final destination, VEGAS Pro takes you there faster than ever. Work fast. Deliver faster.

Work more efficiently than ever before with a customizable user interface and precise, fast editing tools. Drag-and drop editing and authoring make quick work of production and delivery. Mix, match and edit popular formats, including HEVC, ProRes, AVC, and more, directly on the timeline without waiting for a re-wrap or transcode. Powerful hardware acceleration takes advantage of NVIDIA and Intel QSV technologies to shorten the rendering process. Designed and built specifically to save you time and enhance your creativity. High-end color workflows

Take your color workflow to the next level. Work in the expanded dynamic range provided by cameras using S-Log encoding and supported by the ACES 1.0 Academy Color Encoding System. This provides the ideal color space for compositing and color grading. A new LUT OFX plug-in enables you to apply both camera and stylistic LUTs to take your projects to new horizons. Work like never before with creative interaction

New Picture-in-Picture and Crop OFX plug-ins open up endless creative possibilities. Position, re-size, and animate picture-in-picture effects using controls directly on the Preview window and get instant feedback as you make adjustments. Use the same in-Preview controls to crop video or stills for creative effects. DVD or High Definition Blu-ray Disc authoring

With its drag-and-drop workflow, DVD Architect, included with VEGAS Pro, makes it easy to author a professional-quality DVD or Blu-ray disc. Drag your media onto the workspace to automatically create custom navigation for feature videos, director’s notes, sound track music and more. Create custom keyframe-compatible graphic animation and overlays by importing multi-layer Photoshop files. A simple settings re-set enables you to burn an SD DVD and then switch and burn a HD Blu-ray disc.


– Major user interface innovations

– Picture-in-Picture OFX plug-in with real-time controls on the Video Preview

– Lookup Table (LUT) OFX plug-in

– Powerful hardware acceleration technologies

– Instant Freeze Frame

– Crop OFX plug-in with real-time controls on the Video Preview

– ACES 1.0 support

– Selectively paste event attributes

– Includes NewBlueFX Filters 5 Ultimate – $299 value

– Includes DVD Architect for DVD and Blu-ray Disc authoring

System Requirements:

– Operating system: Microsoft® Windows 7 (64-bit), Windows 8 (64-bit) or Windows 10 (64-bit)

– Processor: 2 GHz (multicore or multiprocessor recommended for HD or stereoscopic 3D; 8 cores recommended for 4K)

– RAM: 4 GB RAM (8 GB recommended; 16 GB recommended for 4K)

– Hard drive space: 1.5 GB hard-disk space for program installation; Solid-state disk (SSD) or high-speed multi-disk RAID for 4K media

– Graphics card: Supported NVIDIA®, AMD/ATI® or Intel® GPU with at least 512 MB of memory (1 GB recommended for 4K and GPU-accelerated video processing)

Whats New:

New Features

Added support for AMD VCE hardware acceleration for encoding 8-bit, progressive HEVC files and H264 AVC/AAC files

The So4Coumpoundplug now supports reading Timecode MP4/MOV files formats such as GoPro, XAVC-S, and Alpha 7s cameras

Added an option to disable hardware acceleration when creating custom presets in Intel HEVC Render plugin

Added a preference that enables you to bypass QSV hardware acceleration and operate without this technology Bug Fixes

Selectively Paste Attributes can now copy event switches independently of audio FX

Improved workflow and performance of the Swap Video Files function including that the folder dialog now remembers the last used diretory

OK button in the Video Swap is now properly positioned regardless of any resizing of the dialog box

Improved the efficiency of undo history when making changes to parameters of an OFX plug-in

H.263 files are now properly supported on the timeline

Problems reading ProRes files on the timeline have been resolved

Docking window tab order no longer gets mixed up

Pressing Enter in the Render dialog box now properly executes a render instead of opening render options

Rending an image sequence to BMP and JPEG formats in 32-bit mode now yields the correct output

Color levels are properly preserved when rendering a 32-bit project to XDCAM-EX format

Resolved a conflict between QSV and 10-bit HEVC file renders on i7-770/i7-8700 systems

Tabbing behavior has been improved in the Render As dialog box so that the results of tabbing one control to the next is more logical

The Swap Media dialog box no longer places the OK button in an unexpected state upon window resize

32-bit, 4K projects now calculate project size correctly and no longer exhibit random failures or unexpected behavior

The Explorer window now properly preserves the file list arrangement in Details mode

Tabbing behavior in the Render As dialog box has been greatly improved

Event header buttons no longer get clipped by the vertical scrollbar

A problem that could cause audio FX to have a cumulative effect when they should not has been resolved

Customization of favorite render templates is now properly recognized

Memory management has been improved to enhance render performance for GPUs with less than 4GB memory on 4K 32 bit projects

The application now properly handles codec activation requests when the PC is off line

Audio FX no longer have a cumulative effect when looping playback of a 32-bit WAV file

Right-clicking to open the context menu with several events selected, some of which are empty, no longer causes a crash

The LUT OFX plug-in now properly handles alpha values

MAGIX AVC/AAC plugin now shows the full set of encoding modes when the QSV global preference is disabled

The File Name field in the Render As dialog box no longer locks users out after rendering to a P2 file

Region metadata the Sony A7 camera is now properly supported

Paste Event Attributes an event holding footage of one frame size to an even holding footage of a different frame size now handles event Pan/Crop values properly

Opening the event context menu or the Edit menu when a video track has three or more empty events on it no longer causes a crashHomepage


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