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M8 Free Clipboard 28.13 + Portable

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M8 Free Clipboard is a software designed to help you copy multiple items to the clipboard. M8 is the simplest of all multi-clipboard and screen capture programs. Just have it running minimized and it captures everything you cut or copy other programs. You can save clips permanently. You can take (and edit ) screen shots. You can create clips which automatically include the system date and time. You can encrypt sensitive clips like your passwords and credit card details. You can paste any digital photo or graphic file on your PC simply by browsing to it and clicking a button. Best of all, if you have more than one PC, you can synchronize your clip data via Onedrive. When you want to paste back a clip, all you have to do is restore M8 and click on the clip you want. When you move the mouse over the clips, you can see them in the viewer. If the clip is text, you see several lines and if it is a graphic, you see a thumbnail. Screen Shots – To capture the entire screen press Prt Scr. To capture the active window press Alt+PrtScr. To capture an individual graphic Internet Explorer or AOL, point to the graphic, right click and select “Copy” the drop down list. M8 also allows you to paste your digital photos directly into the body of Outlook, Windows Mail, Mozilla and other e-mail programs. Copied items automatically saved

The interface of the tool is plain and easy to navigate through. It involves a simple process: all items that you copy to the clipboard will automatically appear in the yellow column.

If you want to permanently retain these elements, simple move them in the white column by using the “drag and drop” method.

In addition, you can change the viewing mode (after you reposition the interface), as well as access hotkeys and macro clips.

But you can also change the sheet, check out deleted clips and view the Windows clipboard history. It resides in the tray area when not directly in use, and audio alerts let you know when an item got captured and saved. Autoclean and visual tweaks

Plus, you can use a search function, enable the tool to automatically clean the Windows clipboard text and configure autocleaning options (e.g. remove font, size, color data, HTML coding).

Furthermore, you can turn off capturing, change the font, use a backup and restore system, browse and paste directly your image files, browse picture clips on the current sheet, and others.

Since it is a simplistic program, M8 Free Clipboard runs on very low system resources. It also includes a help file with snapshots and has a very good response time. We haven’t come across any issues during our tests. Perhaps the interface could welcome some improvements. A few last words

All in all, M8 Free Clipboard offers a quick and easy solution regarding a multi-clipboard tool and we strongly recommend it to all users, regardless of their experience level.Whats New:Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version.

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