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File Size: 88.09 MB LPub3D is an Open Source WYSIWYG editing application for creating LEGO® style digital building instructions. LPub3D is developed and maintained by Trevor SANDY. It uses the LDraw™ parts library, the most comprehensive library of digital Open Source LEGO® bricks available (
and reads the LDraw LDR and MPD model file formats. LPub3D is available for free under the GNU Public License v3 and runs on Windows, Linux and macOS Operating Systems. LPub3D is also available as a Linux ‘no-install’, multi-platform AppImage. Portions of LPub3D are based on LPUB© 2007-2009 Kevin Clague, LeoCAD© 2015 Leonardo Zide.and additional third party components. LEGO® is a trademark of the LEGO Group of companies which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this application. LPub3D features: Integrated 3D Viewer powered by LeoCAD

Integrated image renderers (LDGlite, LDView and POV-Ray) – no more additional installs

Renderer config files accessible the LPub3D user interface

Custom LDraw library LDConfig (part material) file can be passed to LDGlite and LDView renderers

Set ROTSTEP (step rotation) meta using 3D Viewer

Sort PLI/BOM by part size, color and category

Fade previous step’s parts

Unlimited part list (PLI) annotations

Split the BOM (divide parts over number of BOM occurrences)

“Go To” page navigation and submodel display via drop-down dialog

Automatically generate formatted cover pages

POV-Ray high-quality rendered instructions

LGEO high-quality rendering library support and auto detection

Customizable content page header and footer

Text and picture (e.g. logo) front and back page attributes

Print/Export preview

Standard and custom page size options

PDF, PNG, JPG and BMP export formats

On-demand, software and LDraw archive library updates

Whats New:

Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version.

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