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File size: 1.1 MBJudy’s TenKey is a flexible calculator that provides nearly every feature imaginable, yet makes your experience simple and effortless. Judy’s TenKey saves you time and makes your calculations more reliable … we guarantee it The Powerful Basics

Judy’s TenKey records your calculations in a scrolling list which you can annotate, save, print, copy & paste, modify, reuse, and resize. You can customize Judy’s TenKey in a myriad ways, but even more importantly, it intelligently tries to anticipate your desires and help you get your work done with minimal effort (auto-numlock, smart copy & paste, smart edits, etc.) Smart Edits

Make changes directly to the tape and watch your totals automatically recalculate using our innovative “smart recalculation” (intelligently recalculates derived dependencies). You can also add or delete entire tape lines. A real time-saver Multi-Level Undo

If you find you’ve done something unintended, just use the “undo” icon to undo your last entry, multiple times if necessary. You can also “redo” multiple “undo’s” if you go too far Super-easy to use (with Ctrl+Z shortcut) and a real time saver. Reuse Calculations

For repetitive or similar calculations, highlight the lines you want to reuse and press the <Use> button (saves typing time and reduces errors).


Judy’s TenKey requires Windows 2000/XP or better (e.g., Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 10, etc.).

Whats New:

Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version.Homepage


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