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You have to remember several PINs and passwords? For various credit cards, online-banking, security-token, email accounts and so on? iPIN – and your PINs and passwords are always at hand.

Your professional password manager on the go and at home: access at lightning speed, as secure as possible and also in sync via WiFi Sync at any time with your Android, Windows, Mac and iOS devices.

The highlight: login with the sensor keyboard

With an innovative sensor keyboard you’ll have quick access to all your PINs – without any annoying and time-killing passwords. Just remember a geometrical shape, a digit, an alphabetic character or an individual sensor combination and set up your private sensor code.

You can simply touch a sensor or swipe across multiple sensors at once. Naturally, combinations are allowed and should be used to make your sensor code as secure as possible. The first touch activates the sensor, and with a second touch the sensor becomes deactivated. You can activate and deactivate the sensors as often as you like. Your individual sensor code is calculated by the order in which you have activated and deactivated the sensors and in which way the sensors have been activated and deactivated: single touch or swipe.


Security is of greatest importance All data (including the data in iCloud if you enable iCloud synchronisation in iPIN) is encrypted with the Advanced Encryption Standard and a key length of 256 bit (abbreviated AES-256). With this state-of-the-art encryption algorithm your private data is protected from unauthorized access – even in the case your device gets into the wrong hands.

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Requires Android: 2.3.3 and up

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