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If you own a dual monitor system, you probably use Windows’ settings to manage the main and the secondary display. Although that is enough usually, such as InstaMonitr out provide an extended feature set for handling dual display systems, which is particularly useful when running a presentation.

Variate sources to display on the secondary monitor

InstaMonitr runs in the system tray by default, allowing you to control its configuration from the right-click menu. There are various settings you can tamper with but what you should keep in mind is the various mirroring methods the application brings to the table.

With InstaMonitr, you can configure the secondary monitor to reveal the entire primary desktop or just a part of it. Moreover, it can display the window of a single application on the entire secondary screen, which comes in handy if you are running a software product presentation. The clipboard or a scrolling text are other available sources, alongside slideshows that can be easily created using the built-in tool.

Screen capturing and customizable hotkeys

There are a few additional tools InstaMonitr comes with. For instance, it features a screen capturing function to take of the secondary monitor and save the resulting images to a user-defined directory. Also, the mouse cursor can be locked onto the screen, if desired.

To make it easier to control the application, its developers also created a floating window that allows you to quickly send the selected source to the secondary monitor, stop the broadcast, or access the settings. Furthermore, you can set custom keyboard shortcuts for a variety of functions.

A handy dual monitor tool for presentations

InstaMonitr can prove useful for those who are running presentations often, providing plenty of options to overcome the capabilities of the Windows display manager. What’s more, it is easy to operate, and it does not interfere with your work, as it waits for commands in the system tray.

Operating System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8/8.1, 10

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