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Add text, borders, images, and more

Add various objects and design elements like text boxes, image boxes, rectangles, ovals and lines to your labels. Type in the necessary text, insert the desired images, logos, illustrations to create the professional barcode labels for commercial use.

Sequential barcodes for catalogs and retail operations

The powerful Sequential Numbers feature allows you to define the sequence in which barcode or text objects are printed or exported. The sequences can be created in two modes. The Counter mode creates the next object automatically, constructing the next data string from user defined prefix, starting number and postix parts using the increment value. The Text File mode allows to select a file that contains a set of data strings for generating sequential barcode or texts objects. This can be either a text (.txt) file, or an Excel Workbook (.xlsx) file.

Our barcode creator software supports the following barcode symbologies

PostnetPLANETJapanpost customer barcodeFIM Codes (3 types)Horizontal barsUPC barcode

UPC A (2 or 5 digit supplements allowed)UPC E (2 or 5 digit supplements allowed)EAN barcode

EAN 13 (2 or 5 digit supplements allowed)EAN 8 (2 or 5 digit supplements allowed)ISBN barcode ( How to make ISBN barcode )

ISBN-13ISBN-10ISBN (2 digit supplements allowed)ISBN (5 digit supplements allowed)ISMN( How to make ISMN barcode )ISSN (2 or 5 digit barcode supplements allowed)Code 128

Code 128Code 128 ACode 128 BCode 128 CCodabarITF14Code 39Code 11Code 93MSI barcodeInterleaved 2 of 5DatamatrixIntelligent Mail BarcodePharmacodeQR CodeMicro QR codeGS1-128SSCC-18GTIN-14GS1-DatabarGS1-Databar StackedGS1-Databar Stacked OmnidirectionalGS1-Databar LimitedGS1-Databar Expanded

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