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Gihosoft TubeGet is a application dedicated to ing YouTube clips and saving them in their original format. However, it also has an option for extracting the audio stream to save it to MP3. This type of software comes in handy if you’re looking for easy ways to get YouTube tutorials, guides and other types of videos to put together an offline collection that can be played on media devices. It supports other websites aside YouTube, such as Netflix and Vimeo. and save YouTube clips or turn them into MP3s

Following a speedy setup operation, Gihosoft TubeGet brings up the main app window where you can paste YouTube links with the push of a button. Shortly after the YouTube video is identified and loaded, the utility shows another panel on the screen, where you can pick the preferred video quality, depending on how the clip was initially YouTube. Select the video quality or convert to MP3

You can check out the file type, resolution, encoding, bit rate and size of each file that can be ed, specify a saving directory on the computer, and ask the YouTube er to either save the video on the disk in the selected format or take out the audio stream and save it to MP3, if you want to create an MP3 music collection. multiple clips at once

Even if the YouTube videos are lengthy, you can instruct Gihosoft TubeGet to multiple clips at the same time, repeating the output configuration procedure for each movie. Once the task is finished, you can open the target location in Windows Explorer without leaving this window. There’s also a play button next to the folder icon that we can only assume was designed to load the ed clip in the default media player. However, it works just as the other one: opens the target location in Windows Explorer. Stylish and fast YouTube er

Videos were quickly ed as well as converted to MP3 in our tests. The tool had no trouble preserving the HD quality (without conversion) and it didn’t hog system resources. All aspects considered, Gihosoft TubeGet is a YouTube er with intuitive settings, speedy operations and a clean interface.

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