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Software for the computation of bearing capacity on loose or rocky soils, according Terzaghi, Meyerhof, Hansen, Vesic, Brinch-Hansen, Richards et. Al, Meyerhof and Hanna (1978) and computation of bearing capacity factors. Settlements: Elastic (Timoshenko and Goodier), Oedometric, Schmertmann, Burland & Burbidge, liquefaction using the method of Seed and Idriss (1971). Analysis of soil reinforced with geogrids, calculation of: increase bearing capacity, deformation in the reinforcements, tensile force in the reinforcement for membrane effect.

Bearing capacity and settlments – Loadcap: calculated at any point either inside or outside the foundation.

Bearing capacity in seismic conditions: SHIKHIEV & JAKOVLEV, RICHARDS Diagrams: Bearing capacity as a function of the foundation base, of the depth of the bearing surface, of the acting loads. Unlimited number of layers. Display of pressure bulbs and failure wedges. Supported computation standards: Eurocode 7/8 British Codes BS8004 SR EN 1997-1/NB/2007 Other standard… DATA INPUT Multi level undo-redo Numeric input in tabular form Graphic input Automatic conversion of measurement units

GENERAL FEATURES Strip footing; Spread footing; Mat foundation; Circular foundation; Foundation on slope Bearing capacity according to: Terzaghi, Meyerhof, Hansen, Brinch-Hansen, Vesic, Zienkiewicz, Eurocode, Meyerhof and Hanna (1978) Settlements: Elastic, Oedometric, Schmertmann, Burland & Burbidge with progress over time Presence of Gorund Water Table. ed Permanent settlements after the earthquake: Idriss and Boulanger, Pradel, Yasuhara and Andersen Analysis in terms of total and effective stresses Display of pressure bulb and failure wedges 2D, 3D Computation of the stress state induced by external loads at any point Analysis in relation to total and effective tension Seismic corrections: SHIKHIEV & JAKOVLEV Display of tensional state and pressure bulb Computation of stress state induced by external loads at any point Nspt correlation with geotechnical parameters according to: Meyerhof, Sanglerat & Peck, Hanson and Thorburn Verification to translation Analysis of embedded plans Automatic reading of stratigraphic columns generated by Stratigrapher software Data exchange with Micropiles and Piles for foundations software Automatic computation of loads acting on foundation Computation of tensions: Boussinesq,Westergaard Interactive graphic construction Multi level undo-redo function Embankment analysis and settlement computation Differential settlements 3D

COMPUTATION OPTIONS Computation of the bearing capacity for multi layered soils using a weighted averages and punching verification Foundations on slopes Foundations with inclined bearing surface Foundations subject to eccentric loads Generating the bearing capacity table as a function of depth and width, exportable in Excel or in memory Construction of graphics allowable load-depth Construction of graphics allowable load-foundation width Load – settlement diagram Computation of subgrade reaction modulus using the model of Terzaghi and Bowles Water table, even above the bearing surface Display of pressure bulbs – Boussinesq or Westergaard Display of stress states in any point of the foundation soil Display of failure wedges Setup of influence area Computation of oedometric settlements in any point inside or outside the foundation

Whats New:

Check limit load (SLU)

Subgrade reaction costant calculated according: K=E/L*(1-Poisson^2)

Major version Loadcap 2017 General improvements; Implemented analytical solutions for estimating the ultimate bearing capacity of geogrid reinforced soil foundations (RSF) for both sand and silty clay soils; Method Vesic 1975 Change depth and form factor; Opening files with drag&drop; Standards upgrade: NTC 2017, SR EN 1997-1/NB/2007; Calculating seismic parameters for areals in Central and Eastern Europe; Plugin management: Embankment (Embankment settlements ), Overturning (Foundation overturning Safety factor), Converting User Units; Update of System components.

x.824: Fix Save as function for the computation report and color selection for the stratigraphy

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