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File Size: 59.56 MB Gadwin Rockmer is a handy software for creating, editing, printing and listening to tablature and sheet music for guitar and other fretted instruments. You can use Rockmer for regular guitar practicing, for learning songs or for advancing your performance skills to the next level. Rockmer makes it easy to create backing tracks just about any song. The internal player lets you change the playback tempo while keeping the same pitch and has facilities to loop a section of the music. Choose on of various starting instruments As far as the visual design is concerned, the application wraps its features around a modern window style, with cool, intuitive elements which make it easy for individuals of all levels of experience to quickly get the hang of things. Things can feel a little overwhelming at first, but the visibility of panes can be toggled, and most panels are fitted with tabs for comfortable navigation. Starting scratch lets you load a blank canvas specifically created for a particular instrument, with options like clean electric guitar, fingered bass, overdriven electric guitar, distortion electric guitar, nylon-string guitar, steel-string guitar, acoustic grand piano, electric grand piano, as well as drum kit.

Edit instruments, write songs, and use VST plugins However, the project is not limited to the initial instrument, which can even be completely changed. Other instruments can be included in a song, and you can even start off previous creations, with support for GuitarPro, Power Tab, TuxGuitar, and MIDI files. Multiple tracks can be added, each with a representation of a score and tablature. Notes can be added on the spot, but input can also come a connected MIDI device. Additionally, you can insert notes a piano roll, fretboard, matrix, or timeline editor. Instruments are generally based on the default Windows MIDI sound library, which makes up for quite an impressive array of instruments. Lyrics can be included in a song, with the possibility to make them visible on the track. There’s also support for VST plugins for advanced sound processing and manipulation.

To sum it up All in all, Gadwin Rockmer comes with an impressive array of editing tools which are sure to appeal to any musician. You can write on both a scoreboard and tablature, with input a MIDI device, piano roll, or fretboard. Advanced sound processing is made possible by VST plugin support.

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