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FSNotes 1.x | macOS | 8 mb

FSNotes is a plain-text note manager for macOS, and is modern reinvention of notational velocity (nvALT) on steroids. Our application respects the following open formats: plain/text, Markdown, and RTF, and stores data in the file system. You can view, edit, and copy data in your favourite external editor, and see live results in FSNotes.


ICloud synchronization

Keyboard centric

Global shortcuts (clipboard save / search field)

Markdown and RTF markup (files stored on disk as plain/text and rich text)

Markdown preview mode

Elastic two pane view (vertical and horizontal layout)

Blazing fast and lightweight

Open files in finder / works with external editors (changes seamless live sync with UI)

Pin/unpin important notes in top

Multi folder storage

Markdown live highlighting with over 170 languages in code blocks

Compatibility: macOS 10.12 or later 64-bit

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