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File Investigator Tools – reliable, fast, and accurate computer forensic tools. We’ve merged our File Investigator technology with Windows File Find and the DOS Directory command, to search for files by their File Type, Contents, Operating System/Platform, Data Storage Method, File Attributes, plus more. Forget using file extensions, now you can search for files intelligently and browse through their metadata. File Investigator TOOLS (FI TOOLS) includes both FI File Find and FI Directory , which identify more file types with higher accuracy than any other product available. Imagine searching for files by categories rather than having to specify file extensions or a few file types. You can do that now, Windows and the command line. Visit the FI File Find page to see how easy it is to search by categories like Graphic Images, Personal/User Data, Spreadsheets, Digital Audio and Palm OS related files. Or, visit the FI Directory page to see how you can perform the same operations directly the command line or batch files. All of these features may also be added to your own product(s), with the File Investigator OEM API Kit.

Whats New: 4,630 File Types are now identifiable, supporting 6,157 different File Type variations/patterns Added 10 new File Types, since v3.19.00 Updated 3 existing File Types The new and updated File Types can be viewed at…
FI File Find Changes: Added text search field “Text & Attributes tab >> Containing text: field” back. It had been removed due to complaints on its lack of boolean searches, and other short comings. This field filters files by detecting the specified text in file content that is not compressed or encrypted. Fixed bug in which the text filter entered an infinite loop on directory names, when directory names are being included in search results. Fixed Tools >> Options… >> Advanced tab >> Add Directory sizes feature was stuck ON, even when the check box was unchecked. This fix may greatly increase scanning efficiency. FI API Changes: Fixed FileInfoEX.lDirAdd feature was stuck ON, even when the field was set to zero. This fix may greatly increase scanning efficiency.

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