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An award-winning network inventory software for organizations of any sizes. It offers features for remote audit of every PC in your network without having to install client modules. By using EMCO Network Inventory you can get detailed hardware, software inventory and licensing information all remote PCs within seconds. Powerful reporting module helps you save a lot of time for preparing network PC inventory and network audit reports. How much time do you spend on network inventory? How accurate and detailed your audit information is? Do you know what is your actual configuration now? EMCO Network Inventory is network audit software created to provide you by actual hardware and software audit information with no efforts your side. How this network audit solution can be helpful for you? First of all, it is able to make remote audit in automatic mode and collect information about hardware and software assets remote computers in a few moments. It means that you always have up-to-date network inventory database with all assets, their settings and specification. This database can be used to generate audit reports and answer questions like: – Which desktops lack free space on their hard drives?

– Which have Windows XP and have less than 1 Gb RAM?

– How many additional software licenses are required? Network Inventory: Main Features

EMCO Network Inventory is a tool that helps you automatically collect up-to-date information about all hardware and software assets all remote PCs in your network into audit database and use it to quickly find required inventory information and build network inventory reports. With this network inventory tool you can get detailed network audit information in just few mouse clicks without any network environment configuration tricks, logon script or WMI manipulation or client installation to remote computers. PC Inventory

Collect complete hardware and software audit information all remote PCs in few minutes without physically attending them. Use modern network inventory scan approach, which doesn’t require complicated configuration or client installation to remote PCs and is able to work in different environments. Software Inventory

Make remote audit of installed software to get a high-level overview of used , guarantee licenses compliance and optimize software purchases and upgrades. Get software report for particular PC or entire network. Identify forbidden and resources on remote PCs. Hardware Inventory

Perform automatic network audit and get general overview of all hardware assets installed on remote PCs. Get information about configuration of each particular PCs. Easily find where particular hardware component is installed. Simplify hardware upgrades and optimize your purchases. Inventory Report

Generate detailed network inventory reports based on collected network audit information using a set of clear, accurate and nice-looking inventory templates. Save produced reports in one of popular formats. Customize existing or design own reports. Integrate your application with network inventory system.

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