Download Wifiner 1.1.175 MacOSX


Download Wifiner 1.1.175 MacOSX

Open in new window  - rJc - Download Wifiner 1.1.175 MacOSXWifiner 1.1.175 MacOSX | Multilingual | macOS | 8 mb
Analyze and troubleshoot your Wi-Fi network connection in a few clicks. Scan your Wi-Fi network to get the detailed information with an interactive color-coded heatmap and get the possibility to fix the dead zones. You can load your own map or choose one of the samples, point to where you are on the map and Wifiner starts measuring wireless signal right away. Run a survey by walking around the space you wish to scan and click the point on the map that corresponds to where you are standing. Get an insight into such details as:
• signal level; • signal-to-noise-ratio; • noise level; • your connection’s  and upload speeds;
• Wi-fi troubleshooting.
The visual Wi-Fi map in the end lets you see all dead zones ( those not getting any coverage) so that you can optimize hotspots’ placement. No need to be a network expert to improve your home or office Wi-Fi today
Our main features:
• Different area types supported (from an apartment to a stadium);
• 11 beautiful Visualizations;
• Real time Upload/ speeds measurement;
• Wi-Fi troubleshooting;
• Supports 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency bands as well as 20, 40, 80 and 160 MHz channels;
• Exports heatmaps;
• Works with 802.11a/b/g/n/ac networks;
• Mesh networks are supported.
WiFi surveys are an important step in determining the suitability of a specific area for implementing an efficient WiFi network. Such surveys help finding the best spot for each access point of your future network so that the coverage is even and steady throughout. Why you’ll love it:
• Easy-to-use
• Interactive
• We made it with love
Requires a Mac with a built-in Wi-Fi. External Wi-Fi adapters are not supported yet but we are working on it. Please note: Wifiner scans only one WiFi network at once due to the Mac App Store restrictions.
Compatibility: OS X 10.10 or later 64-bit
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