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Download Vexlio 1.2.0

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Draw diagrams, illustrate complex concepts, add mathematical equations, and export everything to PDF and SVG, all with the help of this useful tool. Vexlio is a fairly simplistic yet very well-equipped graphics utility that provides you with all the necessary tools to create technical illustrations or other types of complex concepts. You can get this app up and running in mere seconds thanks to a typical wizard-based installer which, it’s worth pointing out, also offers you the possibility to deploy and run this app on a USB flash drive or any other types of external storage unit. Smooth user interface, geared towards functionality more than anything else
It may look and feel like a minimalist application, but don’t be fooled, as Vexlio is actually more capable that it initially shows. It’s not an incredibly feature-packed app, but it does tick all the right boxes when it comes to apps such as this, with attention to detail that will surely make up for an efficient experience. For example, it boasts a very reactive, clutter-free and very novice-accessible UI, with two well-placed and very functional panels on either side of the drawing area. Smart and intuitive drawing tools, readily accessible within a user-friendly environment
The app has the advantage of an "infinite" canvas and a very advanced snapping tool, which allows you to create intricate drawings with without having to worry about doing everything perfectly, making operations like aligning and resizing various objects feel like a walk in the park. There’s also a fairly decent shape library which you can choose objects like circles, ellipses, rectangles, squares, as well as all types of polygons. It’s worth mentioning that the app also benefits a useful text wrapping feature which helps you enter text inside various shapes without making your life’s mission out of arranging it properly. The features department is suitably completed by a so-called Program Mode (you can create and edit diagrams with the help of Lua code) and the utility’s support for complex mathematical and native LaTex equations, which can be scaled to any degree without losing too much sharpness. Last but not least, please note that Vexlio also allows you to export your diagrams to PDF and SVG formats. Simple enough for the average user, appropriately-equipped for the more advanced ones, as well
To end with, if you’re looking for a comprehensive yet seemingly uncomplicated to operate app for diagram and other graphic illustrations design, that also comes with support for LaTex equations and allows you to export your projects to PDF and SVG, then we’re fairly sure you won’t be disappointed by Vexlio. Quite the contrary.
Whats New:
New: Add new plugin system with several built-in plugins. Please see the about page or the user guide for more information. You can optionally disable or entirely remove plugins.
New: Add re-export menu item, which overwrites the last exported image without asking for confirmation.
New: Add "subtract topmost all" path operation.
New: Many new Lua API functions.
Add several new keyboard shortcuts.
Many improvements and fixes to text editing.
Fix export dialog not remembering file format and name.
Fix equation tool not opening with selected equation code.
Fix equations inserting as blank objects in certain installation environments.
Fix equation tool not deactivating on Escape key press.
Fix duplicate objects reordering when dragging with Control (or Command) pressed.
Fix images not being pasted at the mouse location.
Fix array tool potential crash when undoing array creating while dragging array handles.
Fix tool shortcuts not working when text tool is active but not editing.
(Windows) Fix rare crash when copying text due to race condition with system clipboard.

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