Download Shallot 1.0.2959


Download Shallot 1.0.2959

Open in new window  - Owa - Download Shallot 1.0.2959File Size: 39.09 MB Shallot is a powerful software that enables you to manage files and folders on your computer. Not only can you preview the contents of your hard disk effortlessly, but you can also add, change and remove file attributes. Comes with an intuitive UI that can be customized
The setup is quick, uneventful and does not require any special attention your part. Upon launch, you are welcomed by a minimalistic and clean interface that is split into three main sections, namely the navigation panel, the exploration area and a tab in the lower section that provides you with some details about the file you want to access. You will be happy to learn that the program allows you to customize its appearance and behavior. To put it simply, you can alter the main toolbar’s location, icon size or associate it with various external tools you might be using. Moreover, you can improve and personalize its behavior by enabling the plugin manager. The utility supports all sorts of system, user and built-in plugins as long as they are written in Python. Therefore, you can create your own plugins that enable you to automate or optimize certain file management tasks. Allows you to add, change and remove file attributes
A further noteworthy feature of the utility is the fact that you can add, remove and alter the attributes of the files. You can access the function and preview their details by selecting Properties the context menu. The utility allows you to preview general details about the files, such as the location, type, size and the date when it was modified. Then again, you should know that not all attributes can be modified and you can preview the list with the ones that can be changed or removed by accessing their corresponding functions. A useful tool for managing files and their attributes
If you are looking for a program that enables you to view and edit the attributes of the files and that supports a wide variety of plugins that you are commonly using, then perhaps Shallot could lend you a hand.
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