Download QuartzCode 1.63.0 MacOSX

Download QuartzCode 1.63.0 MacOSX - OIa - Download QuartzCode 1.63.0 MacOSX

Download QuartzCode 1.63.0 MacOSX

Open in new window Download QuartzCode 1.63.0 MacOSX - OIa - Download QuartzCode 1.63.0 MacOSXFile size: 8.6 MB
QuartzCode is a fast, lightweight and powerful animation tool that turn vector drawing and animation to Objective C and Swift code. Creating animation for your iOS/OSX project now is easier than ever. Just change any properties; you will see animation changes in real time. Using QuartzCode, you can iterate any animation within seconds, at the same time you can see the code side by side. The barrier for creating animation in Xcode is dramatically reduced Main Features
– Tremendously save time. Create drawing and animation and get Objective C or Swift code in real time.
– Create vector drawing using tools provided or use existing assets SVG or images.
– Supports more than 25 animatable properties, combine to create stunning animations
– Ability to reverse and change animation progress using code generated.
– Utilizes familiar Core Animation properties to reduce learning curve.
– Edit and tweak animation in real-time.
– Readable and easy to modify generated code.
– The best and quickest way to learn and master core animation.
Animatable Properties
– position, z position, transform (rotate, scale and translate)
– fill color, gradient, opacity, hidden, shadow, mask, path
– stroke color, stroke start, stroke end, line width, line dash phase
– font size, foreground color,
– instance delay, instance count, instance transform, instance color, instance color offset
– Similar animation model to Core Animation.
– Easily create keyframe animation, modify and tweak them using Timeline Panel.
– Combine or sequence multiple animations.
– Use linear timing functions, ease in, ease out or create custom timing functions using graph provided to enrich your animation.
Generated Codes
– Generate iOS/OSX Objective C and Swift code in real time.
– Change between iOS and OSX code with a click.
– Drawing code is generated by using CALayer and its subclass.
– Support Core animation and UIView block based animation code.
– Copy selected shape or animation codes by CMD + C.
– Copy NSTextField, UILabel or UITextView code declaration Text Layer.
– Create variety of shapes basic shapes provided.
– Use vector, pencil and boolean operations to create more advanced shapes.
– Edit shapes using vertex mode and transform mode.
– Apply color or gradient to shapes.
– Create replication effects of its sublayers with or without animation.
– Sublayers can be any other layers such as shape or emitter.
– Particle systems in QuartzCode.
– Use multiple emitter cells in an emitter layer.
– Each emitter cell can have its own image and properties.
– Chain multiple animations to sublayers with delay effect.
– Combine keypath properties to produce complex and beautiful animation.
– Use delay order to change order of sublayers animation.
– Also useful to animate text glyphs individually.
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