Download Portable Anthemion Jutoh 2.70.0 Multilingual


Download Portable Anthemion Jutoh 2.70.0 Multilingual

Open in new window  - ePd - Download Portable Anthemion Jutoh 2.70.0 MultilingualFile Size: 66.36 MB Jutoh is a complex and reliable software solution whose main purpose is to help you create ebooks a wide range of sources, being able to export them to EPUB, CHM, HTML, HTB and others. Straight-forward and practical looks The application features a multi-panel interface, with several sections open at the same time, allowing you to adjust whichever part of your project you want with just a few mouse moves.
As such, you can work with the ‘Organizer’ and manage the structure of your electronic book, while the ‘Control Panel’ enables you to build the files with a single button press.
The ‘Layout’ panel helps you customize the appearance of the various pages and objects, whereas the working window displays the item you are currently working on. Effortlessly create multi-platform ebooks in several different formats To generate a blank ebook, Jutoh provides you with a wizard that will guide you every step of the way, so as to simplify your task. You first need to input a title, author, publisher and various other details, such as subject, publisher site, language, issue year or description.
Next, you can set the ‘Project Folder’, optionally being able to load a template to use as basis. You can also check the preferred ‘Initial Formats’, for instance Epub, MobiPocket, OpenDocument, Text, HTML, CHM and others.
Moreover, you can opt between a ‘Normal Reflowable Book’ and a ‘Fixed Book Layout’, the latter enabling you to set the page size and optionally load your own background image, then press ‘Finish’.
The ebook will then be up for customization, allowing you to add text and images, create new pages and adjust them to suit your needs. When the configuration is complete, you can click on ‘Compile’ to export the file to the chosen format. A handy ebook designer As a conclusion, Jutoh is an efficient and very easy to handle application which can successfully assist you in building fully customized electronic books, that you can publish to any of the popular formats in just a few clicks.
Features: Formatting:
Jutoh supports paragraph and text formatting. You can add custom paragraph styles to the built-in styles, and you can specify custom CSS for each style (or the whole style sheet) if required. Multiple format export:
Jutoh exports to Epub, Mobipocket (if the kindlegen application is available), ODT, single-page HTML, and text. HTML, text, ODT, and Epub import:
Jutoh imports a range of formats. Using an application such as or the OpenDocument plugin for Microsoft Word, your existing word processor files can be saved in ODT (Open Document Format) for import into Jutoh. Or you can import plain text or HTML, or an existing Epub ebook. (Note that CSS style definitions are not preserved when importing HTML or Epub.) ‘Configurations’ allow extensive customisation:
Jutoh’s configuration facility allows you to define a version of your book that has its own cover, style sheet, and even variations in content (such as a title page with text specific to a web site or publisher). Cover designer:
Jutoh’s cover designer lets you quickly create a simple cover design for your book, and a number of templates are provided. You can change the layout of a design and add more text and pictures; keywords in the design are updated automatically the book’s metadata. Table of Contents Wizard:
By default, Jutoh can create a simple table of contents chapter titles, without intervention.
If you need finer control of your table of contents, Jutoh has a wizard to make it easy for you to build the contents page based on the styles of the headings in your book. You have control over the entries in the book, and can add new links by hand if required. Auto-replace:
Jutoh lets you customise automatic replacements (for example, replacing (c) with ©) and also does automatic quotation replacement. Built-in Epub error checker and debug window:
Jutoh includes Adobe’s EpubCheck, a button click away. If there are errors in the generated file, errors will be shown in context using Jutoh’s source viewer.
The source viewer supports search within a document and you can go to a specific line.
You can also use the viewer to examine other Epub files, not just ones generated by Jutoh. Configurable ebook launching:
You need to check that your book looks good on a variety of ebook platforms. Jutoh lets you add viewer so you can easily choose the desired ebook reader for viewing your generated book. Spelling checker:
Check for typos with the built-in spellchecker, available in a number of languages. Keyboard shortcuts for high-speed editing:
Use keyboard shortcuts to make editing your projects fast and natural. Online Manual:
The comprehensive online manual documents all aspects of Jutoh. Help window:
The help window allows you to browse Jutoh manuals within Jutoh, side-by-side with your work. You can maximize it to take up the whole window while reading a topic, or unpin it to show it in a window of its own. Scraps facility:
You can keep your research and random ideas: notes, pictures, and document and web links. On Windows, use auto-paste to quickly paste scraps by copying text, graphics or web links twice in succession in any other application. Desktop:
Access to tools and is available via the Jutoh Desktop. You can customize the desktop look, add your favourite and documents, and create text and picture notes. You can even create a rolling slideshow of pictures to inspire you. USB memory key support:
Jutoh has superb support for external drives, such as USB memory keys. You can use an external drive for your documents and for all your Jutoh preferences, and you can even install Jutoh entirely onto the drive for complete portability. You can then switch between different machines and operating systems, taking all your documents and settings with you. Backup Facility:
The File Manager tool gives you an easy way to back up your precious files, without resorting to an additional tool. Specify File Sets that include all files of a given type, and create a backup with just a few clicks. You can also easily restore files a backup archive. Search:
A global search tool helps you search all your open documents, allowing you to see all the search results in a list and step through them. Slideshow:
Shows your image and collage scraps in succession, in a window or full-screen. Customization:
Specify notebook and journal font styles and sizes; and brighten up window backgrounds with the supplied textures, or your own.
Whats New: The compile message list implementation has been changed, and colours can be shown to help the user quickly differentiate between message types. Using the context menu, you can switch off colouring and change the text size. Colours can be edited within Preferences/Appearance. You can restore the previous message list implementation by clearing the advanced option Use coloured error list in Preferences. Added find and replace presets, which can be used both in the Find and Replace dialog and (in Jutoh Plus) to define custom compile messages. Changes have been made to the Find and Replace dialog, Project Properties and Preferences dialogs to allow use and editing of presets. Please search for "find and replace presets" for more information. Added a menu button "…" to the Find and Replace menu, with preset commands and also a command to go the start of the project. In the Find and Replace dialog, holding down the Shift key when clicking the Find button will start the search the start of the project. Going to the start of the project before or during find and replace now goes to the real start of the first document and not the start of the current container such as a table. Fixed a bug inserting a URL when no content was peviously selected ("charstyle" was inserted in addition to the link). Improved the KF7 compatibility heuristic deriving the table "border" attribute Jutoh borders, to reduce accidental inclusion of borders. Added KF7 compatibility configuration option to allow for fine-tuning or completely disabling KF7 compatibility. Fixed invocation of the project outline and document tab context menu using the context menu key. Added shortcut for Find and Replace Start to the find dialog, so the user can quickly start searching the start. Fixed confusing "Hyphenation suppressed" style description when the style has the setting explicitly disabled.

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