Download GPS Tools v2.3.0.4 [Unlocked]


Download GPS Tools v2.3.0.4 [Unlocked]

Open in new window Download GPS Tools v2.3.0.4 [Unlocked] - lFa - Download GPS Tools v2.3.0.4 [Unlocked]Requirements: Android 4.3 and up | Size: 7,3 MB
GPS Tools is a very essential app for any kind of travellers, suitable for those who depend on GPS and its related functionalities. It also lets you to find your location, speed, weather, compass heading etc. GPS Tools is an unique application in Tools category which includes vey useful GPS based tools. Nowadays we are travelling more and sometimes getting stopped at road without knowing route to the destination. You are about to get the solution for that. Just  this free app which will help you in all your travel needs. GPS Tools helps the users to track their phone and helps to find the phone while it was lost. It also helps the users to track their friends and family members to know where they are. Tools Included: – Location Finder
– Speed
– Weather
– Compass
– GPS Satellites
– Sensors
– Track & Find your lost phone
– GPS Alarm
– Map Tools (Distance Finder, Area Finder, Altitude Finder)
– GeoUID
– Spirit Level Meter
– and more tools on upcoming updates
Features: – Clean and simple UI which you will love
– Find accurate location and related address. You may share the location to your friends so that they can know your location
– Find accurate speed in KPH, MPH and KNOT units. Statistics of ‘All time Max Speed’ and ‘Today’s Max Speed’ will let you analyse your speed
– Get accurate current weather & forecast report and plan your trips accordingly
– Magnetic / Target Compass provides heading direction towards destination you set. – Tracks and helps you to find your lost phone – Shows the position of available GPS satellites and their signal strength
– Shows the available phone sensors and its status and values
– GPS Alarm – Notifies or alerts you while you are in or reaching the region you set
– Helps to find the surface level and can be used by carpenter and architects
– Map tools – Helps you to find distance, area or altitude of any location or region you select
– GeoUID tracking helps you to track your family members, friends or anybody using this app
Whats new:
– GPS Alarm tool has been redesigned and improved
– Weather Map tool added
– Some crash issues and unnecessary wake ups have been fixed
– Battery usage has been optimised…

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