Download fx-Calc Multilingual


Download fx-Calc Multilingual

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fx-Calc is actually one of the most advanced desktop calculators for Windows. Starting with a simple calculator window, it allows already calculating self defined functions, sums and product’s. It takes for instance just a few clicks to run the Leibnitz iteration to calculate Pi.fx-Calc let’s you define, analyse, visualise and calculate scientific functions and is a full featured replacement and/or enhancement of the old fashioned Windows calculator. Additional to calculation and visualization you can analyze and solve scientific functions and perform linear regression. Even if the Window concept may not look advanced, it provides the big advantage to open similar windows multiple times and compare the results as needed. Key features:
definition and immediate calculation of functions with up to 5 variables
solves equations
function analysis combined with graphic result presentation
parametric sum and product calculation
integrated function library
integrated library for scientific constants
2D function plots including complex graphs
OpenGL accelerated 3D function plots
multiple plot and analysis windows to compare different function characteristics
interactive linear regression module
automated history
displays current memory value in separate field
integrated examples
is handling complex numbers
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